• An iOS App for Capturing Notes as Text Files

    Jack Cheng explains the design and development process behind his new iOS app Bebop.

    16 May 2024
  • Jony Ive on the Creative Process

    “The creative process is fabulously unpredictable. A great idea cannot be predicted”

    28 Apr 2024
  • Blockin’ Bots

    Ethan Marcotte describes his approach for blocking AI bots.

    12 Apr 2024
  • Sustainable Web Design

    This is an article on A List Apart that describes the holy grail as a web page that loads in two seconds or less. That is an unbelievably low bar and speaks to how bad things have gotten.

    04 Apr 2024
  • TinyLetter: Looking Back on the Humblest Newsletter Platform

    “In remembrance of the humblest newsletter service and its brief run nurturing great personal writing on the internet.”

    01 Mar 2024
  • Popular Logos with the Fonts They Use

    “Italian graphic designer Emanuele Abrate has come up with a clever project titled Logofonts, in which he substitutes wordmarks of famous logos with the name of the fonts they use.”

    28 Feb 2024
  • PageSpeed Insights Bookmarklet

    Jeremy Keith updated his useful Lighthouse bookmarklet and expanded it to include the full PageSpeed Insights. Useful for assessing performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO.

    22 Feb 2024
  • htmx

    Access Ajax, CSS transitions, WebSockets, and server-sent events directly in HTML, using attributes, so you can build modern user interfaces with the simplicity and power of hypertext.

    20 Feb 2024
  • htmz

    “HTML microframework that gives you the power to create modular web user interfaces with the familiar simplicity of plain HTML.”

    20 Feb 2024
  • ActivityPub Server in a Single PHP File

    “Any computer program can be designed to run from a single file if you architect it wrong enough!” This is a pretty great resource for learning how ActivityPub works.

    19 Feb 2024
  • About My Email

    This is the best email testing tool. Just send any email you need tested to the unique email address generated for you, and it will publish a comprehensive report. Very useful for making sure you have email authentication set up correctly.

    12 Feb 2024
  • In Loving Memory of Square Checkbox

    This is great, and the dark mode is even better. (Seriously, try it out. It’s not just different colors.)

    30 Jan 2024
  • ASCII Theater

    Stream free text-based movies in your terminal.

    30 Jan 2024
  • Happy 40th Birthday, Macintosh

    “In 1984, Apple introduced the Macintosh, the world’s first truly user-friendly computer.”

    25 Jan 2024
  • I Miss Human Curation

    “I don’t know where everyone went.”

    22 Jan 2024
  • How Threads will Integrate with the Fediverse

    “This is an exceptionally long post detailing pretty much everything I learned at an event shortly before Christmas at Meta’s offices in San Francisco.”

    12 Jan 2024
  • What Kind of Bubble is AI?

    Great article from Cory Doctorow about all of the AI hype and what we can expect to be left when it dies down.

    10 Jan 2024
  • RSS Anything

    “Transform any old website with a list of links into an RSS Feed.”

    08 Jan 2024
  • Mario Wonder’s Final Level Pushed My Patience to the Limit

    “The Final-Final Test Badge Marathon is a gauntlet of the worst, trickiest Mario shit you can imagine.” I agree, and yet, I loved it. Possibly my favorite Mario level ever.

    08 Jan 2024
  • Modern iOS Navigation Patterns

    “This page collects all the familiar navigation patterns for structuring iOS apps, like drill-downs, modals, pyramids, sequences, and more!”

    13 Dec 2023
  • Monaspace

    The texture healing concept from this “innovative superfamily of fonts for code” is pretty neat.

    20 Nov 2023
  • It Happened Through a Book

    Just a really lovely story from Chris Glass about discovering a surprise his mom left him 20 years ago.

    14 Nov 2023
  • What Is a Passkey?

    Good article about passkeys from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Passkeys are similar in spirit to the TOTP passcodes that various authenticator apps can generate, except they’re passwords rather than six-digit numbers.

    09 Nov 2023
  • The Rebalancing of Design Management

    Nice post by Cap Watkins on design management. “Trusting your team doesn’t have to mean not guiding your team.”

    13 Sep 2023
  • Memories of Molly

    “The Web is a little bit darker today, a fair bit poorer: Molly Holzschlag is dead.”

    06 Sep 2023
  • The World Wide Wander

    “If we imagine better futures, there’s no guarantee they will happen. But if we don’t imagine them, it’s guaranteed they won’t.”

    03 Jul 2023
  • Google AMP: How Google Tried to Fix the Web by Taking It Over

    The US Justice Department perfectly captures the spirit of AMP by describing it as “an effort to push parts of the open web into a Google-controlled walled garden.”

    08 May 2023
  • Masks Work. Distorting Science to Dispute the Evidence Doesn’t

    “New mask studies relying on a medical paradigm do not erase decades of engineering and occupational science that show they work.”

    08 May 2023
  • How The Legend of Zelda Changed the Game

    The New York Times covers the lore and history of the Zelda series.

    07 May 2023
  • Blue Skies Over Mastodon

    Illuminating post from Erin Kissane about Bluesky and Mastodon, with a focus on experience, culture, and vibe.

    30 Apr 2023
  • ActivityPub Is the Next Big Thing in Social Networks

    “The tech industry is abuzz about a new standard for social networking that is more open, more user-centric, and potentially more powerful than Twitter and Facebook.”

    20 Apr 2023
  • You Are What You Measure

    Video from Luke Wroblewski about metrics and why it’s so important to make sure you’re measuring the right things.

    17 Apr 2023
  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride (Wikipedia)

    “Home Movie: The Princess Bride is an American comedy miniseries […] a ‘fan made’ recreation of the 1987 film The Princess Bride.”

    13 Apr 2023
  • Home Movie: The Princess Bride (YouTube)

    You can watch the full movie on YouTube, for now.

    13 Apr 2023
  • Defaulting on Single Page Applications (SPA)

    “You can’t JavaScript your way out of an excess-JavaScript problem.”

    27 Mar 2023
  • Joint Statement by Treasury, Federal Reserve, and FDIC

    “After receiving a recommendation from the boards of the FDIC and the Federal Reserve, and consulting with the President, Secretary Yellen approved actions enabling the FDIC to complete its resolution of Silicon Valley Bank, Santa Clara, California, in a manner that fully protects all depositors.”

    13 Mar 2023
  • MTA Live Subway Map

    This would’ve been really great to have when I lived in New York.

    01 Mar 2023
  • Be My Eyes

    “Be My Eyes connects people needing sighted support with volunteers and companies through live video around the world.”

    27 Feb 2023
  • Simple Type Co.

    A new type foundry from Dan Cederholm.

    10 Jan 2023
  • Welcome to Hell, Elon

    Good article about why content moderation is necessary for a business like Twitter, and why protecting free speech is about challenging laws that restrict it.

    28 Oct 2022
  • Obfuscated C Code Contest Winner

    This is a wonderful analysis of xmas.c, the 1988 winner of the International Obfuscated C Code Contest by Landon Curt Noll and Larry Bassel. Incredibly, it outputs the entire Twelve Days of Christmas and is smaller in size than its compressed output.

    22 Sep 2022
  • TinyWow

    A rich collection of file conversion tools. PNG to SVG, MOV to GIF, URL to PNG, etc.

    23 Aug 2022
  • The Metaverse Is Not a Place

    “The metaphors we use to describe new technology constrain how we think about it, and, like an out-of-date map, often lead us astray. So it is with the metaverse.”

    04 Aug 2022
  • Webb Compare

    Interactive tool for comparing images from the James Webb Space Telescope to those from the Hubble Space Telescope.

    18 Jul 2022
  • Bionic Reading

    Interesting tool for reading faster by emphasizing the first few letters of each word with a heavier weight. It works surprisingly well.

    06 Jun 2022
  • What We Can Deduce from a Leaked PDF

    “But part of the reason the Supreme Court’s typog­raphy works so well is because it visu­ally connects an opinion to a centuries-long tradi­tion of delib­er­a­tive thought. When that typog­raphy is applied to a draft opinion, it gives the ideas therein a grav­itas and authority they haven’t yet earned.”

    06 May 2022
  • Mechanical Watch

    The most comprehensive breakdown of how a mechanical watch works that I could ever imagine, complete with interactive elements to enhance comprehension. Simply remarkable work by Bartosz Ciechanowski.

    04 May 2022
  • Anchors Away

    Mike Davidson writes about Elon Musk potentially taking over Twitter and what that could mean. “Things are never as good or as bad as they say.”

    02 May 2022
  • The Lost Thread

    Robin Sloan provides an assortment of thoughts about Elon Musk buying Twitter.

    28 Apr 2022
  • Suspicion, by Jeremy Keith

    “Make your own website and join the conversation!”

    28 Apr 2022