• Understanding how Facebook Disappeared from the Internet

    This is a great analysis of the massive Facebook outage that covers BGP, autonomous systems, DNS, etc.

    05 Oct 2021
  • File Not Found

    “Garland thought it would be an easy fix. She asked each student where they’d saved their project. Could they be on the desktop? Perhaps in the shared drive? But over and over, she was met with confusion. ‘What are you talking about?’ multiple students inquired. Not only did they not know where their files were saved—they didn’t understand the question.”

    22 Sep 2021
  • Reconsidering Podcast

    “The show about making a life while also making a living.”

    14 Sep 2021
  • Toyota Bet Wrong on EVs

    “Just as Blackberry dismissed the iPhone, Toyota dismissed Tesla and EVs. Blackberry thought the world would need physical keyboards for many more years. Toyota thought the world would need gasoline for several more decades. Both were wrong.”

    02 Aug 2021
  • Leaving Euro 2020

    Pretty good summary of the final, and the entire tournament, detailing what it was like to experience it.

    13 Jul 2021
  • Outline

    Nifty tool that cleans up content to make it more readable. Reminds me of Instapaper, but even simpler to use.

    11 Jul 2021
  • Two Economies. Two Sets of Rules.

    Fantastic blog post from Tim O’Reilly. “Rich and poor are actually living in two different economies, which operate by different rules. Most ordinary people live in a world where a dollar is a dollar.”

    24 Jun 2021
  • Plus Equals

    “Plus Equals is a quarterly zine in which Rob Weychert explores algorithmic art with a focus on combinatorics.”

    21 Jun 2021
  • River Runner

    Really interesting map visualization. “Click to drop a raindrop anywhere in the contiguous United States and watch where it ends up.”

    08 Jun 2021
  • Has an Old Soviet Mystery at Last Been Solved?

    Interesting article in The New Yorker about the Dyatlov Pass mystery.

    10 May 2021
  • No, Facebook Didn’t Kill Signal’s Ads

    Jason Aten digs into Signal’s recent announcement—that Facebook rejected its ads that show how much Facebook knows about you—and discovers that it was a lie.

    07 May 2021
  • Readwise

    This looks interesting. “Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook and article highlights.”

    06 May 2021
  • Inside the All-Hands Meeting that Led to a Third of Basecamp Employees Quitting

    “The company’s senior leadership wanted to quell employees’ concerns, and only made things much, much worse.”

    04 May 2021
  • Behind the Controversy at Basecamp

    Casey Newton digs into the Basecamp controversy and provides more background and context.

    28 Apr 2021
  • An Open Letter to Jason and David

    Jane Yang shares some of the missing backstory of Basecamp’s surprising company changes that include a ban on political conversation.

    27 Apr 2021
  • Disable FLoC on Your Website

    To help protect your users who use Chrome, you can send a Permissions-Policy header to disable FLoC.

    23 Apr 2021
  • Google’s FLoC Is a Terrible Idea

    “The third-party cookie is dying, and Google is trying to create its replacement.”

    19 Apr 2021
  • 2020 Letter to Shareholders

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’s final letter to shareholders.

    15 Apr 2021
  • My Home Video Conferencing Setup

    Andy Budd details his setup for video conferencing, which is very well done.

    12 Mar 2021
  • StopTheMadness

    “StopTheMadness is a web browser extension for macOS that stops web sites from making your browser harder to use.”

    04 Mar 2021
  • ApiFlash

    A simple API for website screenshots that offers a free tier for up to 100 screenshots per month.

    08 Feb 2021
  • Duvet Cover Hack

    “The dreaded chore of putting a comforter inside a duvet cover is now as easy as rolling up a burrito. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial that will change your life.”

    28 Jan 2021
  • Oatly: The New Coke

    In a surprising revelation, sugary vegetable oil isn’t that good for you.

    18 Dec 2020
  • This Used to Be Our Playground

    “There was a time when owning digital space seemed thrilling, and our personal sites motivated us to express ourselves. There are signs of a resurgence, but too few wish to make their digital house a home.”

    17 Dec 2020
  • Chrome Is Bad

    In case you need yet another reason to use a better browser. “Google Chrome installs something called Keystone on your computer that nefariously hides itself from Activity Monitor and makes your whole computer slow even when Chrome isn’t running.”

    14 Dec 2020
  • Cache-Forever Assets

    Sean Coates wrote an article for the Web Performance Calendar that explains a caching technique we use extensively to make our websites fast.

    13 Dec 2020
  • The End of the Pandemic Is in Sight

    “A year of scientific uncertainty is over. Two vaccines look like they will work, and more should follow.”

    19 Nov 2020
  • Why Obama Fears for Our Democracy

    Contrary to the title, this interview reveals an awareness that is free of cynicism and fear. I aspire to be intentionally optimistic, knowing that a better future is possible even if it’s not inevitable.

    16 Nov 2020
  • To Mend a Broken Internet, Create Online Parks

    “We need public spaces, built in the spirit of Walt Whitman, that allow us to gather, communicate, and share in something bigger than ourselves.”

    02 Nov 2020
  • COVID-19 Is Transmitted Through Aerosols

    Time article from Jose-Luis Jimenez from CU Boulder that explains the evidence and impact of COVID-19 being transmitted through aerosols rather than just droplets and fomites.

    02 Nov 2020
  • In Memory of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    “Judge Ginsburg has spent her life making things how they ought to be.”

    18 Sep 2020
  • Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden

    “Scientific American has never endorsed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history. This year we are compelled to do so. We do not do this lightly.”

    16 Sep 2020
  • ScreenplaySubs

    Nifty extension for Firefox (or Chrome) that lets you watch Netflix side-by-side with the screenplay, promising insights into your favorite films.

    10 Sep 2020
  • What is the Value of Browser Diversity?

    “What is the value of browser diversity? If Firefox switched to Chromium tomorrow, what would we lose?”

    05 Sep 2020
  • Stoxart

    Fun, creative illustrations based on stock market graphs.

    20 Aug 2020
  • How We Designed The Look Of Our 2020 Forecast

    A detailed look at the design of FiveThirtyEight’s 2020 forecast.

    14 Aug 2020
  • Bill Gates on Covid

    Good interview with Bill Gates about the pandemic, testing, vaccines, anti-science, and social media.

    12 Aug 2020
  • My Gotham Goodbye

    Rob Weychert’s farewell to New York reminds me of all the reasons we left and all the reasons we still miss it.

    04 Aug 2020
  • Reconstructing Journalistic Scenes in 3D

    This is a mesmerizing approach to journalistic storytelling. “Instead of just looking at a photo of a space, what if we could move through it?”

    29 Jul 2020
  • The True True Truth

    “Trying to talk with someone who believes a conspiracy theory? Send them a video from someone they might listen to!”

    20 Jul 2020
  • Stripe Press

    “Stripe Press publishes books about economic and technological advancement.”

    24 Jun 2020
  • America, This Is Your Chance

    “Our democracy hangs in the balance. This is not an overstatement.”

    11 Jun 2020
  • ACLU Mobile Justice App

    The ACLU has a smartphone app that you can use to record police misconduct. The app automatically uploads the video once you finish recording.

    08 Jun 2020
  • Last Week Tonight Episode on Police Brutality

    “As nationwide protests over the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are met with police brutality, John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.”

    08 Jun 2020
  • The Nation’s Largest Police Force Is Treating Us as an Enemy

    Mara Gay writes about the NYPD’s attacks on protestors.

    08 Jun 2020
  • The Police Are Rioting. We Need to Talk About It.

    Jamelle Bouie writes about the violent counter-protesting being carried out by the police.

    08 Jun 2020
  • Responsive Images the Simple Way

    This looks like a great reference for responsive images.

    23 May 2020
  • CNN/Sesame Street Coronavirus Town Hall

    Erica Hill and Dr. Sanjay Gupta partner with Sesame Street to explain the ABCs of coronavirus in a town hall for parents and kids.

    26 Apr 2020
  • Variable Emojis

    Fonts can be variable. Emojis can be, too.

    06 Apr 2020
  • SBA Guide from Indie.vc

    “Our goal is to ensure that the businesses for whom these funds are intended can access them. And, that startups for whom this program IS NOT designed should turn to their current cap table or balance sheet of lenders to help them weather the headwinds they’re facing.”

    03 Apr 2020