Essential PHP Security
Essential PHP Security
My critically-acclaimed security guide for PHP developers.

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HTTP Developer’s Handbook by Chris Shiflett
HTTP Developer’s Handbook
An essential guide to the HTTP protocol for web developers.

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Selected Articles & Blog Posts

  • Filter Input, Escape Output

    This modest post became a cornerstone of web app security.

  • JavaScript and URLs

    In 2011, I wrote a post about the growing misuse of JavaScript that remains relevant today.

  • Cross-Site Request Forgeries

    This was the first dedicated article on CSRF. One year earlier, Foiling Cross-Site Attacks covered both CSRF and XSS.

    Published by PHP Architect

  • URL Sentences

    In 2008, I pioneered the concept of URL sentences with my friend Jon Tan. Two years later, I wrote this post about it.

  • Brooklyn Beta Opening

    Before welcoming Viktoria Harrison to the stage at Brooklyn Beta, I shared these two lessons.

  • My Amazon Anniversary

    In 2006, I discovered a critical security vulnerability in Amazon. One year later, I published this post about it.

  • Web Fonts

    Before Typekit, Fontdeck, and Google Fonts, when the idea of web fonts was nascent, I wrote this post in an attempt to make sense of it all.

  • 10 Advanced PHP Tips Revisited

    This was a professional rebuttal to an article on Smashing Magazine. Sean Coates and I go through each and every tip from the original article and either validate and clarify it, or refute it.

    Published by Smashing Magazine

  • LeakedIn

    On the heels of the news that LinkedIn had leaked 6.5 million passwords, some friends and I made a site called LeakedIn to let you know if your password was one of them.