• Design systems on the Clearleft podcast Jeremy Keith

    If you’ve already subscribed to the Clearleft podcast, thank you! The first episode is sliding into your podcast player of choice. This episode is all about …design systems! I’m pretty h…

    Today · 04:00
  • Ignoring mass reformatting commits with git blame Rob Allen

    I've recently merged a PR by Stephen to rst2df that reformats the entire codebase to align with PEP 8. As rst2pdf is over a decade old, this has resulted in a lot of changes to the files which now hav…

    Today · 04:00
  • Custom properties Jeremy Keith

    I made the website for the Clearleft podcast last week. The design is mostly lifted straight from the rest of the Clearleft website. The main difference is the masthead. If the browser window is wid…

    Yesterday · 10:07
  • Behind the scenes of Maido’s rebranding Elliot Jay Stocks

    This is an edited version of an article I originally published on the Maido blog. If you enjoy it, would you care to give it some ‘claps’ on Medium? That’d send a…

    Yesterday · 09:30
  • Type Safe JavaScript with JSDoc [link] Remy Sharp

    I'm not a TypeScript user (I've tried and run in to my own issues), yet I do see the value in Types in code. Certainly during development with introspect into the method I want to call which helps me…

    Yesterday · 03:01
  • Oh Mummy - 7-Jul 2020 [devlog/oh-mummy] Remy Sharp

    This most recent round of development has been dedicated to squashing out bugs and investing in performance optimisations. What's particularly fun about NextBASIC is that it's so close to the metal (a…

    Two Days Ago · 18:00
  • A notable milestone Simon Collison

    The grid of porcelain pavers has anchored our entire project; a source of truth for the straight lines and right angles we’ve defined. But for all their sed…

    Two Days Ago · 16:40
  • The new Stripe.com Jonnie Hallman

    Two Days Ago · 14:49
  • Announcing the Clearleft podcast Jeremy Keith

    I’ve been working on something new for the past few months and now I’d like to share it with you… The Clearleft Podcast. Now I know what you’re thinking: aren’t there enough podcasts…

    Two Days Ago · 08:00
  • Always bet on HTML – being misunderstood Christian Heilmann

    A few weeks ago Chris Ferdinandi wrote an ode to HTML called Always bet on HTML in which he once again praises the benefits of HTML as a base for your products on the web. He is correct and makes a lo…

    Two Days Ago · 04:21
  • Add a Screenshot Button to Streamdeck with Golang Lorna Mitchell

    I'm the proud owner of a Streamdeck XL but as an Ubuntu user, the tool support isn't great. There's a Python library that gives a bit of a GUI but I found it hard to use and I'd have needed … Co…

    Two Days Ago · 03:09
  • Speeding up Jest tests with --runInBand Jonnie Hallman

    Two Days Ago · 02:09
  • Feeds Jeremy Keith

    A little while back, Marcus Herrmann wrote about making RSS more visible again with a /feeds page. Here’s his feeds page. Here’s Remy’s. Seems like a good idea to me. I’ve made mine: adact…

    Four Days Ago · 10:58
  • The Machines Stop Jeremy Keith

    The Situation feels like it’s changing. It’s not over, not by a long shot. But it feels like it’s entering a different, looser phase. Throughout the lockdown, there’s been a strange symmetr…

    Four Days Ago · 07:19
  • Moving the Cushion Journal to my blog Jonnie Hallman

    The Other Day · 14:35
  • Haus Band Simon Collison

    Greg Wood, my pal and former New Adventures co-host, runs a zine + label called Pushkins Prefers and also makes fuzzy ambient electronic music as Haus Band. Hi…

    The Other Day · 13:00
  • Pro Fonts for iPad Jeffrey Zeldman

    Designer fonts for your iPad (and iPad products). The post Pro Fonts for iPad appeared first on Zeldman on Web and Interaction Design.…

    The Other Day · 09:25
  • Filter by category Jonnie Hallman

    The Other Day · 08:30
  • Dark mode revisited Jeremy Keith

    I added a dark mode to my website a while back. It was a fun thing to do during Indie Web Camp Amsterdam last year. I tied the colour scheme to the operating system level. If you choose a dark mode…

    The Other Day · 07:27