Link Blog and Planet Chris

30 May 2012

Not long ago, I pledged to blog more, and here I am at the end of May with no other posts this month. Fortunately, I've got a long list of stuff I want to write, so I'll be writing more soon. (Having nothing to say is often my problem.)

In the meantime, I'm not only active on Twitter, but I've also been pretty good at maintaining a regular stream of links I find interesting. A link blog, I guess, although I'm not sure I love those words. :-)

In addition, Planet Chris is always active, with interesting stuff posted daily. It's basically my public feed reader, in a format I prefer, for seeing what other blogs I follow have posted today, yesterday, and the day before. It's powered by Pinboard and some custom code, and I might release it as a DIY feed reader if anyone is interested. Let me know.

More soon. I promise.