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Yesterday — Mon, 29 Aug 2016

cabal new-build is a package manager

Edward Yang — 

An old article I occasionally see cited today is Repeat after me: "Cabal is not a Package Manager". Many of the complaints don't apply to cabal-install 1.24's new Nix-style local builds. Let's set the record straight. Fact: cabal new-build doesn't handle non-Haskell dependencies OK, so this is one thing that hasn't changed since Ivan's article. Unlike Stack, cabal new-build will not handle downloading and installing GHC for you, and like Stack, it won't download and install system libra...

What does a developer evangelist/advocate do?

Christian Heilmann — 

Today I was asked to define the role of a developer evangelist in my company for a slide deck to be shown at hiring events and university outreach. This was a good opportunity to make a list of all the tasks we have to do in this job and why we do them. It might be useful for you to read through, and a good resource to point people to when they – once again – ask you “but, do you still code?”. First things first: Whenever you write about this topic there is a massiv...

Range Report

Cal Evans — 

Dear Reader, This weekend I made it back to the range after about 4 months off. It felt good to get back to practicing. All of these targets represent 20 9mm rounds from my Glock 19. As always, I start at 15 yards. Not bad, two in the center ring. At ten yards I did […] The post Range Report appeared first on Postcards From My Life. ...

Get Query String Parameters with JavaScript

David Walsh — 

One of the front-end features that server side languages don’t have is the ability to natively get query string parameters by key.  The only method you have to access the query string is via the property but you don’t get each property within one object, you get one string that represents the entire query string: console.log(; // "?post=1234&action=edit" While

Being A Shock Absorber

Fred Wilson — 

I saw this tweet yesterday: “Great Board Directors behave like shock absorbers, not amplifiers” wisdom from @roelofbotha — Tom Hulme (@thulme) August 4, 2016 It really resonates with me. Companies go through lots of “shocks” over the years. I have seen Boards react in different ways. Sometimes they freak out and make things worse. Other times they are the calming force and voice of reason. It is that latter behavior that the Company needs in that moment. Every...

Ways To Reduce Content Shifting On Page Load

Smashing Magazine — 

    Have you ever opened a website, started reading and, after some time had passed and all assets had finished loading, you found that you’ve lost your scroll position? I undergo this every day, especially when surfing on my mobile device on a slow connection — a frustrating and distracting experience. Every time the browser has to recalculate the positions and geometries of elements in the document, a reflow hap...

Fractured Lands

Susan Robertson — 

“On a more philosophical level, this journey has served to remind me again of how terribly delicate is the fabric of civilization, of the vigilance required to protect it and of the slow and painstaking work of mending it once it has been torn. This is hardly an original thought; it is a lesson we were supposed to have learned after Nazi Germany, after Bosnia and Rwanda. Perhaps it is a lesson we need to constantly relearn.” This is an incredibly well done piece. It was the enti...

Amazon is piloting teams with a 30-hour workweek

Susan Robertson — 

“These 30-hour employees will be salaried and receive the same benefits as traditional 40-hour workers, but they will receive only 75 percent of the pay full-time workers earn. Currently, the company employs part-time workers that share the same benefits as full-time workers. However, the pilot program would differ in that an entire team, including managers, would work reduced hours.” Oh, how I want this to succeed. I've written about this in the past, but I believe that part ti...

Steal our accessibility best practices presentation

Susan Robertson — 

Vox Product has been doing incredible work on accessibility and baking it into their teams practices. And now they’ve shared a presentation they’ve created to help the rest of their team and company understand how important it is. Thank you for sharing Vox and well done!

The Day Before — Sun, 28 Aug 2016

Elephant Chart

Fred Wilson — 

I came across this chart today. Maybe all of you have seen it, but I hadn’t. It is called “the elephant chart” because the shape of the chart looks like an elephant. It was created by Christoph Lakner and Bruno Milanovic for their book, Global Inequality: A New Approach for the Age of Globalization. It charts the change in income by the absolute value of income on a global basis. So we see how someone in Africa living on a dollar a day compares to someone li...