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Yesterday — Fri, 23 Jun 2017

Locally Scoped CSS Variables: What, How, and Why

Marc Thiele — 

On June 5th already, Una Kravets published a blog post called Locally Scoped CSS Variables: What, How, and Why in which she explains how they work, what’s possible already and why CSS Variables, aka CSS Custom Properties, are better than what was there before.

Quiet risks

Susan Robertson — 

A few weeks ago a friend talked about worrying that she’s not doing anything with her life that “matters.” And it struck me, so much that I’ve been thinking about it since, because she’s someone who’s influenced my life in profound ways over the past several years. The way I think about work, the web industry, and diversity have all changed due to conversations with her, her writing, and her speaking. And I’m fairly confident that I’m not the ...

The Day Before — Thu, 22 Jun 2017

Add CSS and JavaScript Files to Phabricator Extensions

David Walsh — 

Every open source framework has its own methods of extending functionality; some make extending incredibly easy and others…not so much.  Most of the time it comes down to how well the framework is documented.  Phabricator did an awesome job of making necessary classes extendable but it’s fair to say it would be great if the framework had a bit better documentation (PRs welcome, I bet!). In creating my own extension, I needed to add JavaScript and CS...

time for sushi

Andy Baio — 

David Lewandowski’s followup to going to the store and late for meeting

This is a beautiful case study.

Charlotte Jackson — 

I love the animations and use of new CSS like CSS Grid and Feature queries.

Zach Lieberman

The Great Discontent — 

New media artist and programmer, Zach Lieberman, fell in love with coding during the early days of the web, but he wasn't exactly sure how to turn his newfound interest into a career. Here, he reflects on his path, including the people who believed in him early on. He also talks about his desire to build community through cofounding openFrameworks and The School for Poetic Computation, his belief that technology should always be in service of the idea, and why we should em...