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Today — Tue, 28 Jun 2016

​Hired – The Easiest Way to Get a New Job (Sponsored)

David Walsh — 

Developers are in demand, so shouldn’t companies apply to hire you instead of the other way around? That’s exactly how it works on Hired. Hired is a platform that gives you an easy to way to get jobs at top companies in SF, NYC, London, and 14 other tech hubs around the world. How does it work? When you create your profile on Hired, companies like Uber, GitHub, & Stripe will be able to send you interview requests. Most candidates get 5+ requests throughout t...

The Foundation of Technical Leadership

A List Apart — 

I’m a front-end architect, but I’m also known as a technical leader, subject matter expert, and a number of other things. I came into my current agency with five years of design and development management experience; yet when it came time to choose a path for my career with the company, I went the technical route. I have to confess I had no idea what a technical leader really does. I figured it out, eventually. Technical experts are not necessarily technical leaders. Both have...

Accessibility Matters: Meet Our New Book, “Inclusive Design Patterns” (Pre-Release)

Smashing Magazine — 

  Accessibility has always been a slightly unsettling realm for web developers. Surrounded with myths, misunderstandings and contradicting best practices, it used to be a domain for a small group of experts who would "add" accessibility on top of the finished product. Today we’re privileged to announce our brand new book on inclusive design patterns, written by Heydon Pickering, with dozens of practical examples of accessible interface components and inclusive design workf...

Talking about hypertext

Jeremy Keith — 

I’ve just published a transcript of the talk I gave at the HTML Special that preceded CSS Day a couple of weeks back. I’ve also recorded an audio version for your huffduffing pleasure. It’s not like the usual talks I give. The subject matter was assigned to me, Mission Impossible style. PPK wanted each speaker to give an entire talk on just one HTML element. He offered me the best element of them all: the A element. There were a few different directions I could’ve...

AFSE Commencement Speech

Fred Wilson — 

Four and a half years ago, in January 2012, I announced on this blog that New York City was opening a new high school called the Academy For Software Engineering (AFSE). Yesterday, AFSE graduated its first class. 110 of the 120 students who enrolled four years ago made it to graduation. And each and every one of these students took four years of computer sciences classes on their way from enrollment to graduation. It was a proud day for me as it was for them and their families. Seung Yu, AFS...

An Introduction To Redux

Smashing Magazine — 

  Redux is one of the hottest libraries in front-end development these days. However, many people are confused about what it is and what its benefits are. As the documentation states, Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps. To rephrase that, it's an application data-flow architecture, rather than a traditional library or a framework like Underscore.js and AngularJS. Redux was created by Dan Abramov around June 2015. It was inspired by Facebook’s Flux an...

Yesterday — Mon, 27 Jun 2016

Being a Dev Dad

David Walsh — 

I get asked loads of questions every day but I’m always surprised that they’re rarely questions about code or even tech — many of the questions I get are more about non-dev stuff like what my office is like, what software I use, and oftentimes how I preserve a work/life balance, especially with kids. I thought I’d share my story of initial frustration to the bliss of family life I experience today. I can tell you this — I started off being a “dev dad&rdq...

On the side

Jeremy Keith — 

My role at Clearleft is something along the lines of being a technical director. I’m not entirely sure what that means, but it seems to be a way of being involved in front-end development, without necessarily writing much actual code. That’s probably for the best. My colleagues Mark, Graham, and Charlotte are far more efficient at doing that. In return, I do my best to support them and make sure that they’ve got whatever they need (in terms of resources, time, and space) to...

→ How Thin Does Your Laptop Really Need to Be?

Marco Arment — 

This might be the best laptop review I’ve ever read. I love the idea of someone pitching those last two photos in a conference room at the Wall Street Journal. ∞ Permalink

Client Experience Design

Smashing Magazine — 

  Let’s be honest: We designers can be difficult to work with. We might come from a controversial company culture, work an unconventional schedule or get impatient whenever our Internet connection is slower than the speed of light. Would you be at ease with a service provider who matches this description? When talking to potential clients, be aware that many will have never solicited a professional design service and likely have little understanding of the design process i...

Translation from PR-speak to English of selected portions of “Perspectives on security research, consensus and W3C Process”

Anne van Kesteren — 

From “Perspectives on security research, consensus and W3C Process”: There have been a number articles and blog posts about the W3C EME work but we’ve not been able to offer counterpoints to every public post… There has been enough of a shitstorm about W3C and DRM that we had to write something. First, the W3C is concerned about risks for security researchers. We are concerned with the PR-optics of the EFF rallying against us. W3C TAG statements have policy weight. T...

A post-Brexit world

Elliot Jay Stocks — 

The UK woke up on Friday morning and everything had changed. Confounding belief, reason, and expert opinion, over half the voting population of the UK chose to leave the EU. When my wife said, “bad news,” looking at her phone as I awoke, I assumed she must be talking about something else. Even though the Brexit had been almost the only thing we spoke about all day before going to bed, surely this had to be some other kind of disaster that had made the news. But no, it was the re...

AVC Demographics

Fred Wilson — 

If I was going to start selling ads on AVC (I am not), here are the advertising categories I should target according to Google Analytics: Nothing too surprising in here but it is interesting that entertainment (Film and TV) scored so high. I guess you don’t spend all of your time reading AVC ...

Page numbers in page titles and meta descriptions

Clive Walker — 

I want to output page numbers (and a separator character) in the page code for paginated pages on this site. Mostly, I want to do this so that the pages have different page titles and meta descriptions. And so that I don't get page duplication or same page title/description warnings from Google in my Search Console account. I use this PHP snippet: <?php if(isset($_GET['page'])) echo " | page ". $_GET['page']; //outputs page number ?> This checks that the page number value is in the qu...

This week's sponsor: Skillshare

A List Apart — 

​SKILLSHARE. Explore 1000’s of online classes in design, business, and more! Get 3 months of unlimited access for $0.99.

→ Accidental Tech Podcast: Dance Palace

Marco Arment — 

More than you ever wanted to know about filenames. ∞ Permalink

The Day Before — Sun, 26 Jun 2016


Jeremy Keith — 

At An Event Apart in Boston, I had the pleasure of meeting Hannah Birch from Pro Publica. It turns out that she was a copy editor in a previous life. I began gushing about the pleasure of working with a great editor. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best. Working with Mandy on HTML5 For Web Designers was wonderful. One of these days I hope to work with Owen Gregory. When I think back on happy memories of working with world-class editors, I always a remember a Skype cal...

Sticky headers

Jeremy Keith — 

I made a little tweak to The Session today. The navigation bar across the top is “sticky” now—it doesn’t scroll with the rest of the content. I made sure that the stickiness only kicks in if the screen is both wide and tall enough to warrant it. Vertical media queries are your friend! But it’s not enough to just put some position: fixed CSS inside a media query. There are some knock-on effects that I needed to mitigate. I use the space bar to paginate through...

The PHP Community is who *I* Say It Is

Cal Evans — 

Dear Reader, Yes, you read that correctly, the PHP Community is what and who I say it is. It is composed of the people that I say are a member, and I choose who are the leaders. Here’s the thing, though, when I say “PHP Community”, in my mind, I see something different from you. […] The post The PHP Community is who *I* Say It Is appeared first on Postcards From My Life. ...

Healthy Dog Food

Sarah Parmenter — 

For those with fur-babies who are conscious of what is going into their tummies, I set myself a task a few weeks...

Some Thoughts On Brexit

Fred Wilson — 

Clearly the UK’s decision to leave the EU is a big deal. The implications for the UK and Europe are large. And there is a feeling that similar politics will be adopted in other parts of the world. All of that is concerning. But my immediate reaction to the news when I woke to it on Friday morning was this: It is important on days like today to remember that change creates opportunity and opportunity can create wealth if approached correctly — Fred Wilson (@fredwilson) June 24, 2...