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Today — Sat, 28 May 2016

Video Of The Week: Three Freedoms For The Future

Fred Wilson — 

This is an interview that Andrew Keen did with my partner Albert about three freedoms we need for the future: ...

State of the gap

Remy Sharp — 

Clearly PhoneGap, and Cordova are still required today in the mobile world, but when is it really needed? Did the web ever catch up? Do we always need to turn to a PhoneGap shell for all our solutions? TL,RD; I strongly believe in the concepts behind progressive web apps and even though native hacks (Flash, PhoneGap, etc) will always be ahead, the web, always gets there. Now, today, is an incredibly exciting time to be build on the web. I remember first hearing about PhoneGap through excite...

Yesterday — Fri, 27 May 2016

"Ruby isn’t the only gem" in Ben and Dion

Dion Almaer — 

… and that’s OK.Continue reading on Ben and Dion » ...

$BROWSER was a placeholder for a particular browser (eg UC, Safari).

Dion Almaer — 

A web app must run on web browsers…. Sorry for not being clear.Continue reading on Medium » ...

I think you have hit on some good points.

Dion Almaer — 

We need to do a much better job here and I hope other browsers try new things as well as Chrome innovating. If we don’t get it right it…Continue reading on Medium » ...

Reading List

Bruce Lawson — 

People are turning on ad blockers because of data-consuming ad tech – “Ads take up just 9% of the space on a web page, but are accountable for 54% of the load time”. 1 in 4 online adults have used a VPN – especially high use in Indonesia, UAE, Thailand, Saudi, Taiwan Washington Post introduces new Progressive Web App .. or does it? Related: Regressive Web Apps – by Jeremy Keith. “”What does it profit a website to gain app-like features if it loses it...

Cross-platform Makefile for Swift

Rob Allen — 

I'm mostly building Swift applications for deployment to Linux, but sometimes it's easier to build and test directly on OS X rather than spinning up a VM. To facilitate this, I use a Makefile that means that I don't have to remember the compiler switches. It looks like this: # This Makefile assumes that you have swiftenv installed # To get going, start with `make init` SWIFT_VERSION = DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-05-03-a # OS specific differences UNAME = ${shell uname} ifeq ($(UNAME)...

Permissions API

David Walsh — 

Many of the functionalities that we’re translated from mobile to the web require permission from the user.  Think about geolocation, audio/video access (think getUserMedia for camera access), and likewise APIs.  We can probably all agree that requiring permission for access to these APIs is a good thing, but I see a problem:  there’s sometimes no way to access each APIs permission level without triggering a request to the user to ...

Feature Friday: Learn To Code on an iPhone

Fred Wilson — 

Hopscotch is a visual programming environment, like Scratch or Blockly, that runs on an iPhone. If your kids like to grab your phone and watch videos or play games on it, put Hopscotch on your phone and encourage them to make games instead of just playing them. Here’s a piece from Wired that explains how it works (with some screen shots) and why it is so cool. You might ask, why should my kids learn to code? And there are many great answers to that but I always like to answer that ques...

What I Learned From Posting a Survey of Conference Speakers

Rachel Andrew — 

My thoughts and some initial data based on my survey of tech conference speakers.

Web Development Reading List #139: jQuery 3, Web Payment API, And ES6 Tricks

Smashing Magazine — 

  Finding our passion is a big challenge for all of us as human beings. At some point in life, we try to figure out what our purpose in this world is, what our future will look like. And for some of us, the answers we find to these questions are constantly changing. The constant search to find answers lets us stay curious, creative, vital — and if that’s missing, we need to find our passion again by exploring what things we like in our world, what makes us happy. Sea...

A Look At The Modern WordPress Server Stack

Smashing Magazine — 

  Editor's Note: Today marks a special day for WordPress. Powering many websites (and yes, Smashing Magazine is one of them), it celebrates its 13th birthday today. Happy birthday, dear WordPress! Here's to many more! Do you remember when you could run a “fast” WordPress website with just an Apache server and PHP? Yeah, those were the days! Things were a lot less complicated back then. Now, everything has to load lightning-fast! Visitors don’t have the same ...

Responsive Product Comparison Tables

Dave Rupert — 

I’m sure it’s not a rare use case, but between working hours I’m a mobile-only user. Young kids mean I need my hands free and not having a laptop in the house has made for better work/life balance. As a result of being mobile-only for half my waking hours, I get the opportunity to see where web designs phoned it in on mobile (pun intended). I could probably write a whole book1 about where things go wrong, but the summary is designers don’t test their sites on mobile. ...

My peoples lack a clue

Terry Chay — 

My Facebook feed has lit of with people on both sides of the Peter Theil/Gawker revelation, but that’s because I personally know many of the people involved and have lived and worked in a tech bubble for the last 16 years. Sadly, Half of them need to venture out of it for a bit to understand why this is an issue to the other 99.9%. In the meantime, I guess this means I to be posting about how I work in the salt mines with a six figure salary, how the homeless need to get out of MY cit...

The Day Before — Thu, 26 May 2016

→ Under the Radar: Numbers and Analytics

Marco Arment — 

Using data, market research, and analytics to improve your apps and better allocate your time, so you can have more time to listen to podcasts like this one. Under 30 minutes, as always. (Transcript also available.) ∞ Permalink

→ Accidental Tech Podcast: WWDC Is Not Santa Claus

Marco Arment — 

The rumored new MacBook Pro, Apple and services, and a hybrid Apple-Google world. ∞ Permalink

Collecting transitive runfiles with skylark

Kristina Chodorow — 

Bazel has a concept it calls runfiles for files that a binary uses during execution. For example, a binary might need to read in a CSV, an ssh key, or a .json file. These files are generally specified separately from your sources for a couple of reasons: Bazel can understand that it is a runtime, not compile dependency (so if the runfiel changes, the binary does not need to be rebuilt). The type is less restrictive: most rules have restrictions on what its sources can “look like&rdqu...


Fred Wilson — 

I am really into embed codes. I think the ability to take content and software from one app and inject it into another app is one of the coolest things about the Internet. Biodigital is a 3D visual model of the human body. Think of it as Google Maps for the body. I’ve had issues with my MCL in my left knee for the past five or six years. I slightly tore it and although it has healed, I still get pain in it from time to time. So I went into Biodigital today to take a look at what the MC...

Working Remotely Around The World: Workspaces To Explore

Smashing Magazine — 

  If you’re a footloose creative soul searching for a more affordable and friendly space than a typical rented or home office, coworking could work for you. Coworking spaces are popping up in cities all around the world. They allow freelancers, small business owners and independent workers to rent a working area that is shared with others. The setup is usually more casual than the fixed rental agreement you would get in a dedicated office space.The post Working Remotely Ar...

Advice for the recent graduate

Susan Robertson — 

“A structureless life is a depressing life. Our days work better when they have a reliable shape. Grab a copy of Mason Currey’s Daily Rituals (if you can’t afford it, see #2 on this list) and read about the daily routines of famous artists, scientists, and creative people. Take inspiration from them. Cobble together your own daily routine and stick to it.” Yup, another bit of advice for graduates, but I think it also translates to all of us. I'm a huge fan of the dai...

Building a Visual Language

Susan Robertson — 

“Instead of relying on individual atoms, we started considering our components as elements of a living organism. They have a function and personality, are defined by a set of properties, can co-exists with others and can evolve independently. A unified design language should not just be a set of static rules and individual atoms, but an evolving ecosystem.” I really love this approach and the reason is that AirBnB created what worked for their team. They set about to make proces...