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Today — Sun, 22 Jan 2017

Consumer Centric Healthcare

Fred Wilson — 

As we think about how to modify the ACA (aka Obamacare) into something different (aka Trumpcare) I would encourage everyone involved to think about one central tenet – put the person/consumer/patient at the center of the system, not the employer, not the insurer, and not the doctor. I have written a few times about consumer centric healthcare here at AVC. I believe that patients should and will increasingly take control of their health care and that will be a good thing for costs and o...

Yesterday — Sat, 21 Jan 2017

Video Of The Week: How To Cope With A New Reality

Fred Wilson — 

This panel conversation about coping with the new reality took place earlier this week in Munich at the DLD Conference. ...

The Day Before — Fri, 20 Jan 2017

Book review: An Introduction to Stock and Options

Alessandro Nadalin — 

For $2.99 you surely can’t complain: this book certainly offers what you’re looking for. It’s a very brief dossier on everything you possibly need to know about equity and stock options, or, I better say, it’s everything you need to know unless you need an expert’s view on the topic. It will take you less than an hour to read and is definitely more helpful to startup employees or people, like me, who want a bit more technical background on th...

Web Development Reading List #166: Efficient Docker, CSP Learnings, And JavaScript’s Global Object

Smashing Magazine — 

    What fuels your work? What fuels your mind? What do you do on a non-productive day or when you’re sad? Nowadays, I try to embrace these times. I try to relax and not be angry at myself for not being productive. And the fun fact about it? Well, most of the times when I could convince my mind that not being productive is nothing to feel bad about, things take a sudden turn: I get my ideas back, my productivity rises a...

Feature Friday: Foursquare List Search

Fred Wilson — 

If you are looking for a restaurant, a bar, a cafe, a museum, or whatever, there are plenty of ways you can do that on your phone. You can use Foursquare (a USV portfolio company), you can use Yelp, you can use Google or Apple maps, you can do a Google search, or you can stop someone on the street and ask them. I prefer to use Foursquare because its recommendations are personalized for me based on all of my history with Foursquare over the past eight years. Many others tell me they get the b...

Front End Style Guides

Susan Robertson — 

Anna Debenham started the new year off by releasing an updated version of her book, Front End Style Guides and I spent some time reading it and highlighting and remembering what it is I love about style guides this week. Anna wasn’t the first person to introduce me to style guides, but she was definitely the first to talk about them extensively and her work helped me wrap my head around how they could work in client projects and product work. The updated version is really well done wi...

The Guineveres

Susan Robertson — 

I’ve been escaping into fiction lately. Comics and novels are where it’s at when I’m not working, it’s escapism at its best. But the times call for a bit of that and self care is important. The Guinevers by Sarah Domet was on some end of 2016 book list and I decided to give it a go, not totally knowing what I was in for when I started reading. It’s a lovely book about girls and growing up and faith and love. Four girls named Guinevere are all living in a girls ...

Resting to be productive

Susan Robertson — 

When I think of productivity I think of all the usual things that many people do. And I love many of those things and use them regularly. I make lists and love crossing things off. Routines are my friend and help me make sense of my day. And I use tools to track what I’ve finished and what I haven’t to make it towards goals. But in the last several years it’s been one thing, more than any other, that has increased my productivity and helped me get shit done. Rest. Probably...


David Walsh — 

I’ve been working with beefy virtual machines, docker containers, and build processes lately.  Believe it or not, working on projects aimed at making Mozilla developers more productive can mean executing code that can take anywhere from a minute to an hour, which in itself can hit how productive I can be.  For the longer tasks, I often get away from my desk, make a cup of coffee, and check in to see how the rest of the Walsh clan is doing. When I walk...