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Today — Wed, 27 Jul 2016

→ Accidental Tech Podcast: Don’t Cry for John, Argentina

Marco Arment — 

Twitter’s Verified program, viability of podcast tools, and three Mac nerds figuring out how to play a Windows game. ∞ Permalink

The Tortoise And The Hare

Fred Wilson — 

One of my favorite childhood stories is Aesop’s The Tortoise And The Hare. I just love the idea that slow and steady ultimately wins the race. I thought about that story when I read that Pokemon Go had set a record with 75mm downloads in its first few weeks in the app stores. Mobile games have these explosive take up rates but don’t last forever. Contrast that with something like Minecraft which emerged slowly but seems to chug along getting more and more popular each year. And, ...

How To Create Icons In Adobe XD

Smashing Magazine — 

  Released in March this year, Adobe Experience Design is a new all-in-one tool that lets you design and prototype websites and mobile apps. for websites and mobile apps. XD is still in beta and available for Mac with a Windows version on track for a release later in 2016. It is bound to provide a fast and efficient way to create new user interfaces, wireframes, and visual designs with various devices in mind. As an icon creator, I tried to use XD to create icons from scratch an...

100 days of small self portraits

Susan Robertson — 

Well, this is it, another 100 day project is finished. And, to be quite honest, I’m so ready for it to be done. I started to tire of this one around day 50 or so, but then with my new pattern drawing project in July felt another surge of interest in self portraits. But the last 10 have been hard, extremely hard. Day 4Here’s what I will say about this though, I learned A LOT. I learned a lot about pushing through. I learned a lot about how to keep a subject going even if it isn&r...

No They Day

David Marquet — 

Leadership NudgeTM – No They Day I just returned to my team this week after experiencing a challenging cross country bike ride. I rode 80-100 hundred miles a day, from Kansas to Pennsylvania. Each night I experienced a different hotel. When I would check in, I would listen for the word “they.” A lot of times I heard things like this; “Your room’s not ready. Let me go check and see if they have it ready.” As soon as I heard the word they, I would cringe be...

Yesterday — Tue, 26 Jul 2016


Derek Sivers — 

Someone asked what I remember as the best times of my life. They’re almost all times when I was being the most productive — when I was creating the most. Turning my ideas into reality is what I want the most out of life. So that’s what gives me the deepest happiness. Then I realized that all the best, happiest, and most productive times in my life, were when I was completely cut-off. No internet. No TV. No phone. No people. Long uninterrupted solitude. Whe...

REST is in the eye of the beholder

Evert Pot — 

The first time I came across the term REST must have been around 2005 or 2006 via Flickr, which was back then in many ways a pioneer in terms of how web applications should be built and designed. REST, at the time, was a breath of fresh air and it seemed very sane in a world where SOAP and XML-RPC were dominant. I can look at a webservice straight from my browser? Wow. Returning simple XML documents instead of using XML as the transport made a lot of sense. I’m not really sure if Fli...

Resurrecting Dead Personas

A List Apart — 

Being a user-centered designer means that you deliberately seek out the stories, data, and rationale behind your users’ motivations. You endeavor to keep user concerns at the forefront of every design decision, and regularly conduct research and collect data. But collecting facts about users isn’t the same as knowing your users. Research and data need to be regularly aggregated, analyzed, and synthesized into a format that is both understandable and accessible at critical momen...

Hailo and MyTaxi

Fred Wilson — 

The news broke this morning that our portfolio company Hailo is combining forces with MyTaxi. The combined company, which will operate under the MyTaxi brand, will be the dominant taxi hailing app in Western Europe. Hailo is huge in the UK and Ireland and has a strong position in Spain. MyTaxi operates in Germany, Australia, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Sweden. So this combination is a great strategic fit and the new company will benefit from a lot of synergies. Andrew Pinnington...

The Illusion Of Life: An SVG Animation Case Study

Smashing Magazine — 

  With flat design becoming the ever visible trend of 2016, it’s clear why there’s been a resurgence in SVG usage. The benefits are many: resolution-independence, cross-browser compatibility and accessible DOM nodes. In this article, we’ll take a look at how we can use SVGs to create seemingly complex animations from simple illustrations. This project began as a simple thought experiment: How far can we push SVG animation? At the time, designer Chris Halaska an...

Fences: A Brexit Diary

Susan Robertson — 

“After settling this question, we all moved on to bemoaning the strange tendency of the younger lefty generation to censor or silence speech or opinions they consider in some way wrong: no-platforming, safe spaces, and the rest of it. We were all right about that, too. But then, from the corner, on a sofa, the cleverest among us, who was at that moment feeding a new baby, waited till we’d all stopped bloviating and added: “Well, they got that habit from us. We always wanted...

Twitter, Free Speech, or Whatever and Stuff

Susan Robertson — 

“I know this much: I don’t want to be a part of a community like Twitter if the previous offenses are an accepted part of that community. Twitter isn’t a country, it’s a service. And as a store gets to decide what products it sells, services decide what is and is not permissible. Twitter finds a lot of horrible things permissible, is what I’m saying, and it doesn’t want you to be able to filter or curate your experience. They want to sell you shit. They su...

The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development

Susan Robertson — 

“When we take a “gut feeling” sense of someone’s seniority without specific criteria, there is basically no way to counteract our own biases, but we still make a judgement. It’s completely possible for a person applying to multiple dev jobs to be evaluated as junior at one, mid-level at another, and even senior at another, with very little feedback as to why.” I really like the way this is defined and talked about. Job titles, in particular when you are s...

Jonpaul Douglass

The Great Discontent — 

Photographer and director Jonpaul Douglass on the winding path that lead him to photography, the do-it-yourself attitude he applies to his career, and striking balance between work and play. Read at → #photographer #director ...

The Day Before — Mon, 25 Jul 2016

"Separating Concerns through Service Worker Helpers" in Ben and Dion

Dion Almaer — 

I am enjoying a new pattern emerge as we do more work with service workers, and that is wrapping a libraries usage, or some functionality…Continue reading on Ben and Dion » ...


Jeremy Keith — 

I’ve noticed a few nice examples of motion design on the web lately. The Cloud Four gang recently redesigned their site, including a nice little animation on the home page. Malcolm Gladwell has a new podcast called Revisionist History. The website for the podcast is quite lovely. Each episode is illustrated with an animated image. Lovely! If you want to see some swishy animations triggered by navigation, the waaark websites has them a-plenty. Personally I find the scroll-triggered a...

Class teacher

Jeremy Keith — 

ES6 introduced a whole bunch of new features to JavaScript. One of those features is the class keyword. This introduction has been accompanied by a fair amount of concern and criticism. Here’s the issue: classes in JavaScript aren’t quite the same as classes in other programming languages. In fact, technically, JavaScript doesn’t really have classes at all. But some say that technically isn’t important. If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, shouldn’t...

Create a 3D Panorama Image with A-Frame

David Walsh — 

In the five years I’ve been at Mozilla I’ve seen some awesome projects.  Some of them very popular, some of them very niche, but none of them has inspired me the way the MozVR team’s work with WebVR and A-Frame project have. A-Frame is a community project aiming to be “building blocks for the virtual reality web”, a library for creating VR experiences within the browser using markup or JavaScript.  Jumping into using a project...

Start, Grow, Mature, Consolidate

Fred Wilson — 

The life cycle of tech companies is pretty straightforward. They start, they grow, they mature, and they consolidate. The news that Yahoo is finally selling to Verizon and joining forces with AOL is a not in the least bit surprising and probably long overdue. Yahoo has not been a growth business in quite a while. Putting AOL and Yahoo together allows Verizon to cut costs and rationalize the two businesses and add scale to Verizon’s growing base of Internet assets. But this is yesterday...

Testing Credit-Card Numbers In E-Commerce Checkouts (Cheat Sheet)

Smashing Magazine — 

  As a developer, I work a lot with e-commerce websites and, as a result, with a lot of payment gateways. I’m fortunate that I get to work on many different projects for different clients, each with its own unique challenges. I have, therefore, found myself working with a lot of different payment gateways over the years, from the more familiar ones like PayPal and Stripe to some lesser known ones. While I love the variety of my work, I generally find working with payment g...

Small florals

Susan Robertson — 

   Throughout the month of July I haven’t just been finishing up the 100 day project, but I also have been doing another monthly Creative Bug class. It’s been really fantastic. Drawing patterns with brush markers on index cards and it’s opened up my thinking, influenced my 100 day project, and just been really fun. I have all of them on Flickr if you want to see more....

H is for Hawk

Susan Robertson — 

I can’t remember who recommended H is for Hawk first, but it finally felt like the right time to read it and it was indeed. Over the course of the past week or so I’ve been spending time with Helen MacDonald and her hawk Mabel as she works through the grief of losing her father and trains Mabel. MacDonald interweaves her story with the story of T.H. White and his story of training a goshawk. She also delves into the history of falconry, which is something I knew nothing about bu...