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Today — Tue, 23 May 2017

1Password adds Travel Mode to avoid border snooping

Andy Baio — 

related: Maciej Ceglowski’s campaign for social media travel mode

Pedro Medeiros’ pixel art tutorial GIFs

Andy Baio — 

Saint 11 packs so much into every 256×256 image

Pro Publica investigates litigious slumlord Jared Kushner

Andy Baio — 

unforgivable corporate behavior, an empire built on exploiting the poor

Building Killer Robots: Game Behavior In iOS With Fuzzy Logic Rule Systems

Smashing Magazine — 

    Imagine that it's a hot day. The sun is out, and the temperature is rising. Perhaps, every now and then, there's a cool breeze. A good song is playing on the radio. At some point, you get up to get a glass of water, but the exact reason why you did that at that particular time isn't easy to explain. It was "too hot" and you were "somewhat thirsty," but also maybe "a little bored." Each of these qualities isn't either/or, but...

Controllers and Domain Exceptions

Paul Jones — 

A few months ago I had a great email conversation with a correspondent about how to handle business logic exceptions in his controller code. His message follows, lightly edited for brevity and clarity: I think controller has single responsibility – to mediate communication between caller’s context and actual business logic services. (I believe business logic services should be unaware of caller’s context, be it HTTP request or CLI.) Given that services should be unaware of...

Protected: The Magical World of Liam Wong

Tobias van Schneider — 

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Syd Weiler

The Great Discontent — 

After her artwork went viral overnight, illustrator and Adobe Creative Resident, Syd Weiler, had to quickly learn how to navigate the positive and challenging aspects of online fame. Here, Syd recounts staying true to her creative identity throughout her college years, the joy of connecting to a global fanbase, and the importance of building a supportive online creative community. Read at → #illustrator ...

Yesterday — Mon, 22 May 2017

Breaking out of the Tetris mindset

Christian Heilmann — 

This is a longer version of this year’s keynote at Beyond Tellerrand conference. I posted earlier about the presentation with the video and slides. Here you get the longer transcript and explanation. If you prefer Medium to read, here’s the same post there It is amazing to work on the web. We have a huge gift in the form of a decentralized network of devices. A network that helps people around the world to communicate and learn. And a huge resource of entertainment on demand. ...

Get Keychain Passwords from Command Line

David Walsh — 

One of my favorite command line utilities is Guillermo Rauch’s wifi-password, a utility that allows you to get a saved password for the wifi network you’re presently connected to (to share with colleagues or creeper in the cafe you’re in).  The idea of being able to get a password from command line is super useful, especially when it comes to retrieving a password for a website. If I don’t recall a password but know that Mac OS’ keychain has ...

Better Form Design: One Thing Per Page (Case Study)

Smashing Magazine — 

    In 2008, I worked on They wanted a single-page checkout with the trendiest of techniques from that era, including accordions, AJAX and client-side validation. Each step (delivery address, delivery options and credit-card details) had an accordion panel. Each panel was submitted via AJAX. Upon successful submission, the panel collapsed and the next one opened, with a sliding transition. The post Better Form Des...

Inserting binary data into SQL Server with ZF1 & PHP 7

Rob Allen — 

If you want to insert binary data into SQL Server in Zend Framework 1 then you probably used the trick of setting an array as the parameter's value with the info required by the sqlsrv driver as noted in Some notes on SQL Server blobs with sqlsrv. Essentially you do this; $data['filename'] = 'test.gif'; $data["file_contents"] = array( $binaryData, SQLSRV_PARAM_IN, SQLSRV_PHPTYPE_STREAM(SQLSRV_ENC_BINARY), SQLSRV_SQLTYPE_VARBINARY('max') ); $db->insert($data); Where...

The Day Before — Sun, 21 May 2017

What is WeCamp all about?

Stefan Koopmanschap — 

Recently I got an email from someone who was interested in coming to WeCamp, but needed some more information to help convince their manager. I wrote a big email trying to describe WeCamp and our ideas of what WeCamp is (or should be). Since this may actually be useful to more people that want to come to WeCamp but need to convince their manager, I'm posting that email here as well. The idea behind WeCamp is that attendees will go through the whole process of a software development proj...