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Yesterday — Sat, 10 Dec 2016

Be Brave – Put Yourself Out There

24 Days in December — 

I’m fortunate enough to be releasing this on Day 11 of this grand event and having read some of the other posts that have come before, I’m worried. I’m a worrier anyway, and not just because I suffer from an anxiety disorder; I’m lucky enough to have inherited this worrisome trait from my own father (thanks, Dad!) who suffers from a similarly over-active worry gland. In this case, I’m worried that my measly attempt to educate and entertain will go down badly aft...

Video Of The Week: Albert and Beezer at Slush

Fred Wilson — 

A few weeks ago, at the Slush Conference in Finland, my partner Albert and our limited partner Beezer talked to Colette Ballou about a bunch of interesting topics. The talk is about 25mins long. ...

Watch Your Language!

24 Ways — 

Annie-Claude Côté gathers us round the hearth to tell a tale of many languages. Like choosing the right Christmas sweater to wear while building a snowman, we must choose the language we code in wisely. Make a poor choice and risk getting left out in the cold as the darkness draws in. I’m bilingual. My first language is French. I learned English in my early 20s. Learning a new language later in life meant that I was able to observe my thought processes changing ...

Certbot renewals with Apache

Jeremy Keith — 

I wrote a while back about switching to HTTPS on Apache 2.4.7 on Ubuntu 14.04 on Digital Ocean. In that post, I pointed to an example .conf file. I’ve been having a few issues with my certificate renewals with Certbot (the artist formerly known as Let’s Encrypt). If I did a dry-run for renewing my certificates… /etc/certbot-auto renew --dry-run … I kept getting this message: Encountered vhost ambiguity but unable to ask for user guidance in non-interactive m...

In the detail: close button

Remy Sharp — 

Lately I've been making a slew of changes to JS Bin to provide mobile support, and due to the natrue of the work, I've had to switch between desktop (or "wide" view), emulator (via devtools) and real device. I've learnt loads of little tips which I'll share here. There's a × character in most common fonts which you should use instead of an x for close, but getting it to look right across devices requires an eye for the detail. Here's a screenshot of the simulator vs. the real device, ...

The Day Before — Fri, 09 Dec 2016

Community Driven Development

24 Days in December — 

When talking about development I mostly mean personal and educational development. So this post is not about a new fancy way of writing software. Why Community I personally felt the power of a community on my way to the position I’m currently at. I started working with zero practical experience at small company in Germany. It was a good way to get into the business, but very soon I realized, that there is an other world out there. So I started experimenting with Symfony. At the same ti...

Devember 2016 – Day 8 and 9 – Chrome Caches AJAX Response

Jason Lotito — 

I didn’t blog yesterday here, but I did tweet, and I did write code.  It was late, but I still got stuff done. Today was an interesting day.  I’m still coding, but I came across an interesting bug I’d like to share. So, in the code I have now, depending on the request’s Accept header, it will return either HTML or JSON.  It’s the same endpoint, but depending on the request made, it will return different results.  The result is the same i...

Reading List

Bruce Lawson — 

Proven Tactics to Avoiding Shopping Cart Abandonment Virgin Media are hijacking your router – again! – “Virgin Media are trying to resell your internet access. Worse still, they appear to be doing it without users’ permission.” by Terence Eden Standards body warned SMS 2-factor authentication is insecure and nobody listened Fun hacks for faster content -“Using iframes and document.write to improve performance”. yes, you read that right. By mad scient...

Get the Balance Right: Responsive Display Text

24 Ways — 

Richard Rutter shepherds a tea towel onto our collective heads and describes a technique for responsively scaling display text to maintain a consistent feel in both landscape and portrait screen orientations. That should put things back into proportion. Last year in 24 ways I urged you to Get Expressive with Your Typography. I made the case for grabbing your readers’ attention by setting text at display sizes, that is to say big. You should consider very large text in the sa...

Web Development Reading List #162: Server Side React, Inclusive Design And The Web Worldwide

Smashing Magazine — 

    We shouldn’t let ourselves get distracted by people who work on different projects than we do. If a developer advocate works on a web-based QR code application, for example, their way of tackling things most certainly won’t fit your project. If someone builds a real-time dashboard, their concept won’t relate to the company portfolio website you’re building. Bear in mind that you need to find the best ...

Funding Friday: Mexican Projects

Fred Wilson — 

I just backed these two projects from Mexico. They are both focused on kids and they both look awesome. and ...

Christmas Goodies: Free Winter- And Holiday-Inspired Icon Sets (EPS, AI, PNG)

Smashing Magazine — 

    Christmas is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with some free goodies? We sifted through the web (and our archives) to find holiday-themed icon sets for you that’ll give your creative projects some holiday flair. Perfect for Christmas cards, gift tags, last-minute wrapping paper, or whatever else you can think of. All icons can be downloaded for free, but please consult their licenses or ...

📙 Working the Command Line

Remy Sharp — 

Huzzah! Yesterday my book, Working the Command Line was published by A Book Apart, and of course I want to tell you all about it! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who is the book for?The book is about the command line and the terminal and aimed squarely at the beginner audience wanting to learn about the command line. I imagine the reader is a designer or front end developer that has probably dabbled a bit in the terminal, but really isn't too comfortable and is interest...