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April 2017

Shopify Polaris
Shopify's design system. Looks like they did a good job.
Increment is a publication from Stripe dedicated to covering how teams build and operate software systems at scale.
AWS Device Farm
Looks like a possible alternative to BrowserStack.

March 2017

Invisible CAPTCHA
Very light on details, but this sounds promising.

February 2017

Announcing the First SHA-1 Collision
No one has used SHA-1 since in years, but Google finally managed to produce a collision.
TRAPPIST-1 is a planetary system located 39 light years away from the Solar system within the constellation of Aquarius. Around a star which is 12 times less massive than the Sun and only slightly larger than Jupiter, there are at least seven planets in orbit.
Image-to-Image Demo
The most popular thing on the Internet right now, particularly the edges2cats tool.
Is Google Maps Trying to Be a Social Network?
Someone will eventually make Mapalong. Maybe it will be Google.
How to Run for Your Local School Board
More excellence from Teen Vogue.

January 2017

Straight Pole Curved Hole Optical Illusion Explanation
This is super cool. I want one.
GitHub’s Post-CSP Journey
Pretty good overview of a lot of new security practices.
The Line of Death
Good post about UI and user trust.
Across the USA by Train for Just $213
The journey between Utah and Colorado is regarded to be the most spectacular train ride in all of the United States.

December 2016

The Legend of Zelda Design Docs
These are pretty fun to look through.
Performant Parallaxing
Looks like a good article about making parallax sites fast by Paul Lewis.
Looks like a great new way to search for flights. I'll be using this instead of Kayak.

November 2016

CSS Reference
This is a really nice visual guide to the most popular CSS properties.
Empathy Isn’t a Favor I Owe White Trump Voters. It Has to Go Both Ways.
Pretty great article by Baratunde.
History Tells Us What May Happen Next with Brexit & Trump
"My theory is that most peoples’ perspective of history is limited to the experience communicated by their parents and grandparents, so 50–100 years. To go beyond that you have to read, study, and learn to untangle the propaganda that is inevitable in all telling of history."
Facebook's Fight Against Fake News Was Undercut by Fear of Conservative Backlash
"High-ranking officials were briefed on a planned News Feed update that would have identified fake or hoax news stories, but disproportionately impacted right-wing news sites by downgrading or removing that content from people’s feeds. According to the source, the update was shelved and never released to the public."
Atlas Informatics
Seems like a pretty good app for visualizing and searching all of your data across the Internet.

October 2016

Taking PHP Seriously
How Slack uses PHP.
PHP 7 Deployment at Dailymotion
Dailymotion waited for PHP 7 and found it to be comparable to Hack.
Becoming a CTO
"If you ever find yourself writing a blog post on why PHP sucks, you are not ready."
You Might Not Need JavaScript
Great collection of interactions and UI components that don't require JS.

September 2016

Oh, Shit, Git!
Great reference site for what to do to get out of trouble.

August 2016

GitHub Security
Great look at some of the safeguards GitHub has put in place.
Design.blog features new stories every Thursday.

July 2016

Links vs. Buttons in Modern Web Applications
"Something that comes up again and again in front-end accessibility is the issue of links versus buttons."

April 2016

Scaling PHP Book
Learn to scale PHP, MySQL, and Redis from Steve Corona, a Twitpic engineer who learned to handle 60 million users and 20 billion HTTP requests per month.
"We cover subjects who tend to be underrepresented in the greater tech narrative. This includes (but is not limited to) women, people of color, folks over 50, LGBT, working parents, disabled, etc."

March 2016

Convenient app for recording and sharing screencasts.

January 2016

The A11Y Project
A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier.
What Is the Contributor Covenant?
A thoughtful critique of the Contributor Covenant by Matt Prelude.
Rethinking What We Mean by 'Mobile Web'
We shouldn’t think of “the web” as only what renders in web browsers. We should think of the web as anything transmitted using HTTP and HTTPS.
URLs Beyond the Web
"'Cool URIs don’t change.' Even cooler ones work everywhere."

December 2015

Storytelling Map
An interactive storytelling experiment with Canvas.

November 2015

Vox Code of Conduct
Really good example to follow.

September 2015

Safe Conferences Are Deliberately Designed
Jared Spool's opinions on Codes of Conduct. Long but interesting read.

June 2015

Test your site for HTTP/2 or SPDY support.

May 2015

I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here's How.
"If you measure a large number of things about a small number of people, you are almost guaranteed to get a “statistically significant” result."
Rails SQL Injection Examples
A whole page dedicated to SQL injection vulnerabilities in Rails apps.
Mistakes You Apparently Just Have to Make Yourself
This is a fantastic list from a self-described old-timer.
The Simple Logical Puzzle That Shows How Illogical People Are
"Anyone who tries to solve the puzzle has a marked tendency to just choose the items named in the rule, a logically perilous tactic."
Facebook and the Media
"Columnists, managers, pundits, and journalists seem to have no interest in understanding the technical foundation of their livelihoods. Instead they are content with assuming that Facebook can somehow magically render HTML over HTTP faster than anybody else."
The JavaScript-Dependency Backlash
"Progressive Enhancement remains the best option for solving web development issues such as wide-ranging browser support, maintenance, and future-proofing your application."
Deprecating HTTP
Let's make HTTPS easy first. Then we can start to talk about ways of encouraging adoption.
The Many Faces of the Web
Please stop breaking the Web.

November 2014

Unicode Text Converter
Fun little Unicode tool. I love that it's a CGI script.
The Current State of Smart Locks
Really thorough evaluation of current options, by Schuyler Towne.

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