• While We Blink, We Lose the Web

    Why Microsoft abandoning Edge in favor of a Chromium-based browser is not good news.

    05 Dec 2018
  • The Internet Refreshed

    A new series from Quartz that explores the question, “What would the internet look like if we knew then what we know now?”

    04 Dec 2018
  • Tavi Gevinson Calls It Quits

    It’s unsettling to see a force of good like Rookie go away, but here’s hoping more young people like Tavi step up to fill the void.

    30 Nov 2018
  • Brain Implant Turns Thoughts Into Text

    “Three people paralyzed from the neck down have been able to use unmodified computer tablets to text friends, browse the internet, and stream music.”

    26 Nov 2018
  • They Ain’t Ready for Me

    Documentary about Tamar Manasseh, the African American rabbinical student who is leading the fight against senseless killings on the south side of Chicago.

    19 Nov 2018
  • Jigsaw Puzzle Montages

    Tim Klein is an artist who combines jigsaw puzzles that use the same die cut pattern to make art. The resulting mashups are really neat.

    13 Nov 2018
  • The Strange Foundation

    “The Strange is a creative space and unofficial foundation that plans to offer artists with computer-based practices the time, resources, and isolation needed to focus and think expansively.”

    04 Nov 2018
  • Apple’s New Map

    Some of the improvements to the new Apple Maps are pretty remarkable.

    01 Nov 2018
  • A Map of Every Building in America

    Exactly what it says. Very cool interactive map from the New York Times.

    13 Oct 2018
  • Maps of the World’s Tallest Mountains

    “In the 19th century, the romance of mountains met the desire to quantify the natural world.”

    12 Oct 2018
  • Notable Women

    “Swapping out the faces we all know for the faces we all should.”

    02 Oct 2018
  • The Rise and Demise of RSS

    Fascinating and thorough history of RSS, which you might’ve heard referred to as RDF Site Summary, Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication.

    01 Oct 2018
  • King of Creativity

    Lovely interview with Duane King from his alma mater, UNT.

    01 Oct 2018
  • Google Wants to Kill the URL

    Obscuring URLs even more isn’t going to help anyone. Google is notoriously bad at design, and how to most clearly communicate what a URL communicates is a design problem.

    01 Oct 2018
  • Dark Patterns and Other Design No-Nos for Mobile

    Good article from Suzanne Scacca that delves into various types of dark patterns, examples included.

    28 Sep 2018
  • Bloated

    “A computer this powerful should be able to render any web page gracefully. It used to do the job correctly a few years ago. It can’t anymore, even though it doesn’t look like the new content is doing much more than it used to.”

    27 Sep 2018
  • Incomplete Open Cubes Revisited

    Amazing digital art project from Rob Weychert based on Sol LeWitt’s Incomplete Open Cubes.

    24 Sep 2018
  • The Top Four Web Performance Challenges

    “The narrative around front-end performance is that it’s up to us developers to take responsibility for how our websites perform. But by far the biggest performance impact comes from third-party scripts.”

    11 Sep 2018
  • Medium Deprecates Custom Domains Service

    This was inevitable. “I don’t understand why any publication, even a personal blog, would use Medium without a custom domain name.”

    05 Sep 2018
  • Google AMP Can Go to Hell

    Google’s approach to AMP is concerning at best. Their latest tactic to try to make AMP the canonical version of a website is pure evil.

    05 Sep 2018
  • Faculty Newsletter

    This is the first newsletter from Faculty, where we share things that inspire us in technology, design, and business. Have a read, and sign up if you like it.

    29 Aug 2018
  • What’s in a Production Web Application?

    Great post from Stephen Mann that illustrates how many considerations (and solutions) are involved in a well-designed production infrastructure. As he notes at the end, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    28 Aug 2018
  • The Web I Want

    Great post by Chris James. “If I can’t use your website without JavaScript being turned on, then you don’t know what you’re doing.”

    21 Aug 2018
  • Securing Web Sites Made Them Less Accessible

    Eric Meyer talks about one of the downsides of HTTPS everywhere, particularly caching strategies that benefit remote regions with high-latency internet connections.

    08 Aug 2018
  • The Cost Of JavaScript In 2018

    A detailed look at the crushing effect of JS on UX and especially performance, by Addy Osmani.

    06 Aug 2018
  • Bits

    Ethan Marcotte makes the case for thinking about slow websites in a broader context, so we don’t only focus on improvements to processes or put too much responsibility on those who build. There are business needs that should be considered.

    03 Aug 2018
  • The Bullshit Web

    “You know how building wider roads doesn’t improve commute times, as it simply encourages people to drive more? It’s that, but with bytes and bandwidth instead of cars and lanes.”

    31 Jul 2018
  • Save RSS!

    “This website is dedicated to the spreading and promotion of the RSS and Atom news syndication formats.”

    29 Jul 2018
  • Browser Detecting Div

    This is an interesting demo that looks dramatically different in every browser.

    06 Jul 2018
  • The Cult of the Complex

    Another article observing the increasing complexity of modern websites.

    01 Jul 2018
  • Wireframe Deck

    With this deck of cards, you can piece together a wireframe by using the cards as puzzle pieces, helping you quickly iterate through ideas away from the computer.

    25 May 2018
  • Service Worker Cookbook

    A rich collection of recipes and patterns for service workers.

    21 May 2018
  • Campnab

    “Tell us where, when, and how long you want to camp for. We’ll text you when a suitable spot opens up!”

    13 May 2018
  • Interview with Jeremy Keith

    “It’s ironic that, at the same time as we can do so much more with less when it comes to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in browsers, many developers are choosing to make things more complicated by introducing complex tool chains, frameworks, and processes.”

    09 May 2018
  • Pure CSS Francine

    Incredible portrait by Diana Smith made with HTML and CSS. Works well in the latest Firefox and Chrome, but the real fun is trying it in older browsers.

    01 May 2018
  • Generate New York 2018

    Rob Weychert provides a fantastic summary of every talk from the Generate conference.

    29 Apr 2018
  • Fathom Analytics

    A proposal for trustworthy analytics. At Faculty, we’ve considered building something like this that would also be extremely fast, since analytics account for a lot of today’s performance issues, not just privacy issues.

    16 Apr 2018
  • It’s Time to Rebuild the Web

    “The web was never supposed to be a few walled gardens of concentrated content owned by Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a few other major publishers. It was supposed to be a cacophony of different sites and voices.”

    16 Apr 2018
  • Dear Developer, The Web Isn’t About You

    Solid rant from Charlie Owen about the downward spiral of quality in web design and development.

    06 Apr 2018
  • FontCode

    “An information embedding technique for text documents. Provided a text document with specific fonts, our method embeds user-specified information in the text by perturbing the glyphs of text characters while preserving the text content.”

    06 Apr 2018

    A privacy-first name server from Cloudfare that also boasts impressive performance. I’ve been using it as my primary web server since first discovering it.

    02 Apr 2018
  • CSS Mario

    A Super Mario World animation made exclusively with HTML and CSS.

    29 Mar 2018
  • Firefox Multi-Account Containers

    This is a concept I have been wanting for many years. With multi-account containers in Firefox, you can isolate accounts, similar in spirit to using a separate browser for each account.

    29 Mar 2018
  • Design Doesn’t Care What You Think Information Looks Like

    Rob Weychert shows some examples from his work at ProPublica that show how far you can push the envelope with design without sacrificing web fundamentals.

    27 Mar 2018
  • The Missing Building Blocks of the Web

    “At a time when millions are losing trust in the the web’s biggest sites, it’s worth revisiting the idea that the web was supposed to be made out of countless little sites.”

    22 Mar 2018
  • An Exist Strategy

    Thoughtful post from Natasha Lampard of Webstock fame. “Building for the long run beats racing for a quick exit.”

    21 Mar 2018
  • The Good Room

    Another gem from Frank Chimero. “If we’re setting out to change the character of technology in our lives, we’d be wise to learn from the character of places.”

    20 Mar 2018
  • The 100 Day Collective

    A 15-week group program for people participating in the 100 Day Project.

    20 Mar 2018
  • Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

    The world could use a movie about Mister Rogers right now.

    20 Mar 2018
  • The Web Can Be Weaponised

    Insightful article from Tim Berners-Lee. “It’s dangerous having a handful of companies control how ideas and opinions are shared.”

    13 Mar 2018