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Hi, I’m Chris: web craftsman, community leader, husband, father, and partner at Fictive Kin.

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May 2015

PHP Community

I read a nice post about the PHP Community project over the weekend. I think Ben has done a really good job of documenting a lot of what has happened over the years. I remember being very active on the PHP …

Indie Web Movement and IndieAuth

At last year's Brooklyn Beta, Tantek gave me the lowdown on the Indie Web movement. To say it sounded right up my alley would be an understatement. One of the first things I read about was IndieAuth. Tantek…

Social Sharing Links

Since the redesign of this blog in 2007, I’ve had a few social sharing links at the bottom of each post. Last night, as I was fixing a few old bugs, I noticed these links were a bit outdated. Delicious i…

January 2015

2014 Highlights

2014 was a year of change. As I write this, I'm in Boulder, Colorado, my new home. After a dozen years in Brooklyn, my wife and I decided it was time for a change. We miss Brooklyn terribly, but we're excited …

October 2014

Brooklyn Beta Opening Remarks

Welcome to Brooklyn Beta. We’re so glad you’re here. Thank you for sharing your day with us. For many of you, this is your first time, and you’ve got some questions. What are we doing here? We don…

May 2014

The Motherfuton News

I absolutely loved the first season (two episodes) of MFN, so I’m highly anticipating the new season. Watch out, Idina Menzel. You’ve got some serious competition. As an experiment, pleas…

March 2014

Breakfast in the Sunshine

I wrote something for the Fictive Kin blog called Breakfast in the Sunshine: To help clients appreciate the benefits of asking me to solve a problem rather than implement a solution, I often use a simple me…

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Etaigbenu Canaan wrote:

This is a really good article. Thanks

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Dominic Mayers wrote:

Well, I like that it strips newline after a closing tag, but I have no idea why it does not do it w…

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Kvasin Leonid wrote:

Hello! I was looking for this information, thanks for the post!

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atif wrote:

A very good post with the use of multisort function. To read other basic types of sorting functions…

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Tashreefshareef wrote:

Well written and done a great job indeed. But, there are several ways through which one attack the …

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Swati wrote:

Its nice. MySQL_real_escape_string: break out particular characters in a string for utilize in an …

Posted in addslashes() Versus mysql_real_escape_string()
Chris Shiflett wrote:

Julio, can you share a screen shot or a paste or something that shows what's happening? Also, th…

Julio Potier wrote:

Hello Each time i try to hack the host header in a request, each time the server response is "400 …


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