• Critterpedia Simon Collison

    Animal Crossing: New Horizons has captured my heart and soothed my mind. Everything about this world is brilliant, but I particularly love cataloguing creature…

    Yesterday · 13:40
  • HTTPMock for Testing a Golang API Client Lorna Mitchell

    Simple post with example for using mock HTTP responses and jarcoal/httpmock in golang tests. Continue reading →…

    Yesterday · 13:08
  • Living Through The Future Jeremy Keith

    You can listen to audio version of Living Through The Future. Usually when we talk about “living in the future”, it’s something to do with technology: smartphones, satellites, jet packs……

    Yesterday · 10:16
  • Dystopian grocery shopping Jonnie Hallman

    Two Days Ago · 17:19
  • A long walk through Red Hook Jonnie Hallman

    Four Days Ago · 22:00
  • Hobbies for the hell of it Brad Frost

    I like playing music a lot. I love it, in fact. Playing music gives me an enormous amount of physical, mental, and spiritual satisfaction. I’m fortunate in that I get play music in some capacity eve…

    Four Days Ago · 08:37
  • Apple’s attack on service workers Jeremy Keith

    Apple aren’t the best at developer relations. But, bad as their communications can be, I’m willing to cut them some slack. After all, they’re not used to talking with the developer community.…

    The Other Day · 07:44