• Phillip G. Dickerson: 1943-2020 Chad Dickerson

    My father Phillip G. Dickerson Sr. passed away at age 77 around 5am Thursday, May 21 in my hometown of Greenville, NC. My brother and I are working on a more detailed obituary but for now, you can fin…

    Yesterday · 11:31
  • Integration Jeremy Keith

    Back when I started staying at home under lockdown, Robin Sloan wrote a blog post called An integration loop. In it, he tells the story of The Disintegration Loops by William Basinski: Monitorin…

    Yesterday · 08:02
  • Light Bath Jeffrey Zeldman

    I saw hundreds of performers, widely separated but somehow acting in unison, performing purely for David Byrne’s pleasure—each in their own ecstatic trance. The post Light Bath appeared first on Z…

    Yesterday · 06:13
  • Learning Go Jonnie Hallman

    Yesterday · 04:19
  • A History of Electronic Music in 75 Records Simon Collison

    Issue 65 of Electronic Sound details A History of Electronic Music in 75 Records; a narrative dating back to 1945! I’m making my way through the 7-hour play…

    Two Days Ago · 13:30
  • Migrating the Cushion website to S3 to avoid dealing with SSL Jonnie Hallman

    Two Days Ago · 12:22
  • Gradually, Then Suddenly Matt Mullenweg

    The two main theses of my professional career have been that distributed is the future of work, and that open source is the future of technology and innovation. I’ve built Automattic and WordPre…

    Three Days Ago · 14:28
  • Using SQL to find my best photo of a pelican according to Apple Photos Simon Willison

    According to the Apple Photos internal SQLite database, this is the most aesthetically pleasing photograph I have ever taken of a pelican: Here's the SQL query that found me my best ten pelican pho…

    Three Days Ago · 13:16
  • Custom OpenAPI Style Rules with Spectral Lorna Mitchell

    Using Spectral to style/lint check your OpenAPI specs is great! This post has examples of customising the ruleset, disabling rules, and writing your own custom style checking functions. Continue readi…

    Three Days Ago · 08:54
  • A/B Testing Instant.Page With Netlify and Speedcurve Tim Kadlec

    I’ve wanted to give instant.page a proper try out on my site for a while now. It’s a pretty clever approach. The script watches for when someone hovers over a link and then, when they do,…

    Three Days Ago · 08:34
  • How to learn about someone's core needs Lara Hogan

    The 6 core needs that humans have at work (BICEPS) are on my mind all of the time. In the past, I’ve talked about how to use the BICEPS core needs list to: Create predictability and stability in…

    Four Days Ago · 18:00
  • The Isolation Station with Brad Frost Brad Frost

    I got to share my quarantine playlist on The Isolation Station, and gave a bit of context behind some of the picks in my interview.…

    Four Days Ago · 13:20
  • Picking dependencies Remy Sharp

    Every web developer has faced this conundrum: which dependency should I pick? Why did we select jQuery over Prototype, or Prototype over Mootools, or Vue over React, or Angular over Ember, or Lodash o…

    Four Days Ago · 04:00
  • Lonely Mountains: Downhill Simon Collison

    Resting on Mount Graterhorn. I'm really enjoying Lonely Mountains: Downhill, newly released for Switch this month. Fast-reaction games are not my thing, but th…

    The Other Day · 16:45