About Chris

Chris Shiflett Hi, I’m Chris. Welcome! You might know me from:

  • Roost, a shared workspace for digital makers
  • Brooklyn Beta, a conference I founded, organized, and hosted from 2010–2014
  • Studiomates, a shared workspace I was part of from inception (2009) until 2013
  • Essential PHP Security, a book I wrote about web app security
  • HTTP Developer’s Handbook, a book I wrote about the HTTP protocol

If you’d like to know more about me, you might like my seven things post.

My wife Christina is a retired high school teacher. We’ve been together since 1997 and married since 2001.

In January 2015, we moved from Brooklyn to Boulder with our two kids, Tegan and Killian. In June 2015, Riley was born.

Professional Biography

Hi, I’m Chris Shiflett. Most people know me from Brooklyn Beta, a conference I founded and hosted from 2010 until 2014. I now run a shared workspace called Roost.

I blog at shiflett.org, and I’m @shiflett on Twitter. I have written two books — Essential PHP Security and HTTP Developer’s Handbook — and have had the honor of speaking at some of my favorite conferences, including Webstock, OSCON, and South by Southwest.

I live in Boulder, Colorado, with my wife and three kids.

Projects Past & Present

A shared workspace for digital makers.
Backcountry Club
An outdoor adventure club for people who work on the Internet.
Brooklyn Beta
A small, friendly web conference.
Web Advent
An annual Advent calendar for web developers. (With Sean Coates.)
A tiny tome on typography for the Little Printer. (With Christopher Murphy.)

Interviews and Such

Between Screens Interview
Ed Wassermann interviewed me in November 2016 about Brooklyn Beta, particularly some of the things we did a bit differently.
Why Chris Shiflett, Brooklyn Beta founder and Fictive Kin partner, moved to Boulder
Brady Dale interviewed me in January 2015 about my decision to move from Brooklyn to Boulder.
Chris Shiflett + Cameron Koczon
The mother of all interviews, TGD. Interviewed in November 2012 and published in January 2013.
Development Hell Episode 19
I was a guest of the Development Hell podcast hosted by Ed Finkler and Chris Hartjes in September 2012.
Chris Shiflett on Brooklyn Beta Summer Camp
Tanya Combrinck asked me a few questions about Summer Camp in May 2012 for the now-defunct .net Magazine.
Interview with Chris Shiflett
Cal Evans interviewed me in August 2011 for Voices of the Elephpant, a podcast about PHP people.
Interview with Chris Shiflett
Ben Waine interviewed me in June 2010, after my keynote at the Dutch PHP Conference in Amsterdam.
Chris Shiflett Talks about Webstock
Nigel Parker interviewed me in February 2010 about Webstock.
Reflection on Chris Shiflett
Anurag Agarwal interviewed me in April 2007 for his web site series on web app security people.
Picking Brains with Chris Shiflett
I was interviewed by Ronald van den Heetkamp in February 2007 for the now-defunct Hacker Webzine.
Chris Shiflett of Essential PHP Security
Keith Casey interviewed me in December 2005 about Essential PHP Security.


Essential PHP Security
Published by O’Reilly in 2005, this is a small book on web app security with a specific emphasis on PHP.
HTTP Developer’s Handbook
This is my first book, published by Sams in 2003. It is still the only book I know that aims to teach web developers HTTP.

Please see books for more details and reviews.

Book Contributions

Programming PHP
I wrote the chapter on security for this book, published by O’Reilly in 2006.
PHP Cookbook
I wrote about a dozen recipes for this book, published by O’Reilly in 2006.
PHP in Action
I am listed as a co-author, but I only wrote the chapter on security for this book, published by Manning in 2007. It's my most recent attempt to summarize what a PHP developer should know about security.


Smashing Magazine
In addition to writing for Smashing Magazine, I serve on the editorial panel, so I frequently offer feedback for aspiring authors.
PHP Architect
I used to write a regular column for PHP Architect called Security Corner. They were nice enough to let me retain all the rights, so I can make them available here.
PHP Magazine
I used to write a regular column called Guru Speak for the now-defunct PHP Magazine.
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
I wrote my first two articles for 2600, a quarterly magazine I used to read regularly.

The full list of published articles is also available.

Upcoming Events

Smashing Conference

1516 Mar 2016

At Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, England.

Recent Photos

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  • Kids at Lefferts Historic House
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  • Tegan at Lefferts Historic House
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