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All posts for Jun 2008


I haven't been blogging much lately, and for the first time since I started this blog, I've only managed one post all month.

There has been plenty to talk about, but I've been too busy with both work and play to keep up. I'll try to recap the previous month (roughly in chronological order) for posterity.

  • I saw Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová at Radio City Music Hall, which was possibly the best show I've ever seen. (It's tough to beat the Indigo Girls, though.) If you live in NY, and you're not going to ZendCon, you can see them in Central Park in September.
  • I went to Chicago for php|tek, easily one the best PHP conferences each year. I got to celebrate my birthday at Shoeless Joe's while watching the Champions League final, and I ended the day with a brief stint as a rock star.
  • My wife and I took a canoe down the Delaware River with some friends, and we camped on a small island. I rediscovered my hatred for stinging nettles.
  • I gave a keynote at the DC PHP Conference on the intersection of security and user experience. As with most new talks, it was unpolished, but I'll be giving an updated, polished version of it at ZendCon. (See you there?)
  • I enjoyed the Telectroscope, despite not managing to convince Matt, Lorna, or anyone else to meet up on the London side. Luckily, I managed to convince a few people that it was real, so that was fun. :-) It was conveniently located a few steps away from OmniTI NY, and I took some photos while it was here.
  • The Euro Cup started. :-)
  • My blog was featured in Smashing Magazine again, this time for the pretty blockquote and note styles Jon designed.
  • Motivated by Andrei, I started the hundred push-ups challenge. This commitment also persuaded me to check my various style guides to see whether it's pushup, push up, or push-up. :-) News spread quickly on Twitter, and there is now a group of PHPers all taking part in the challenge.
  • Theo was mentioned on Radar again for his detailed post on Internet traffic spikes.
  • I got to witness a colleague's first encounter with T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM, which I enjoyed far too much.

I'll leave you with the PHP anthem from Rasmus. If you're a Mac user, just enter the following in the terminal:

say -v Good oh PHP ow ow oh PHP ow oh PHP ow ow oh PHP ow oh PHP ow ow oh PHP ow oh PHP ow ow oh PHP ouchie

If you're not a Mac user, Terry has an MP3.

Sing it with me...