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Chris Shiflett

Hi, I’m Chris: entrepreneur, community leader, husband, and father. I live and work in Boulder, CO.

Books and Publications

The books I have written and a list of publications where you can find my work.

Buy Essential PHP Security Essential PHP Security Companion Web Site

Essential PHP Security

My critically-acclaimed guide to secure PHP programming.

This is nothing short of a seminal work on web application security as it applies specifically to PHP.

Robert Peake

Read many more reviews, download sample chapters, and browse the code repository on the companion web site.

Buy HTTP Developer’s Handbook

HTTP Developer’s Handbook

The definitive guide to the HTTP protocol for web developers.

Where the book really sparkles is in the section on improving performance. Few books have looked at the HTTP protocol's underlying mechanisms for controlling caching as this one. In lucid prose, Shiflett presents the various caching directives and their exact meaning.

— Palisade Security Team

Book Contributions

Programming PHP
I wrote the chapter on security for this book, published by O’Reilly in 2006.
PHP Cookbook
I wrote about a dozen recipes for this book, published by O’Reilly in 2006.
PHP in Action
I am listed as a co-author, but I only wrote the chapter on security for this book, published by Manning in 2007. It's my most recent attempt to summarize what a PHP developer should know about security.


Smashing Magazine
In addition to writing for Smashing Magazine, I serve on the editorial panel, so I frequently offer feedback for aspiring authors.
PHP Architect
I used to write a regular column for PHP Architect called Security Corner. They were nice enough to let me retain all the rights, so I can make them available here.
PHP Magazine
I used to write a regular column called Guru Speak for the now-defunct PHP Magazine.
2600: The Hacker Quarterly
I wrote my first two articles for 2600, a quarterly magazine I used to read regularly.

The full list of published articles is also available.

Upcoming Events

Smashing Conference

1516 Mar 2016

At Oxford Town Hall, Oxford, England.