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RSS Feed

I wrote a quick PHP script that produces an RSS feed of my blog. You can find it at http://shiflett.org/rss. I'm not positive that it is valid RSS, but it satisfies a few RSS validators that I was able to find online.


Slashdot featured a review of the HTTP Developer's Handbook today. The review itself was short on details and not very flattering, but an overwhelming majority of the comments posted were very complimentary, so that was nice. Here's hoping that the exposure proves to be helpful.

PHP Panel

You may have already read on Dave's blog that he, Adam, and I are speaking at the NYSIA Open Source SIG on Tue, 07 Oct 2003. That's the New York Software Industry Association Open Source Special Interest Group. Acronyms aren't so bad, are they?

I also spent some time converting another chapter of my book from PDF to HTML, and Chapter 11 is almost complete (it only lacks the figures). This chapter explains cookies, and it might at least give people a URL to point to when they answer the thousands of cookie questions that are posted on various mailing lists every day.

Thanks as always to Sams Publishing for allowing me to provide a few chapters as free samples.

US Open

I went to the US Open yesterday to watch the Men's Semis. Andre Agassi lost his first two sets and was unable to come back. Andy Roddick had the same start, so it looked like it was going to be a bad day for US fans. Luckily, he made an amazing comeback (made possible by his incredible serve). Overall, it was a fun day.

Andy went on to beat Juan Carlos Ferrero in straight sets for the Men's Championship. His serve reached 141 mph, the tournament high. Amazing.



It looks like I will be speaking at ApacheCon 2003. My talk will be similar to my OSCON talk, though I will be enhancing it quite a bit using some of the illustrations I drew for my article in php|architect. The talk with cover Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross-Site Request Forgeries (CSRF), and I will be able to cover more material since the sessions are a few minutes longer.

If you are going to be (or can be) in the Las Vegas area in mid-November, I highly recommend attending.

HTTP Developer's Handbook

I have finally updated the HTTP Developer's Handbook companion Web site to reflect the new cover.

The fun was in reorganizing the site. I decided to use the "clean URLs" approach, so I am using a combination of Apache's ForceType directive, PHP's $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'], and some intelligent protocol-level redirects via header() to correctly point all old URLs to their new home as well as guess where visitors intend to be going in the case of typos and the like.

While working on this, I realized how helpful a short article about this could be, so I might add that to my TODO list.