PHP Comes to DC

28 Oct 2007

The DC PHP Conference is right around the corner, and it looks like it's going to be great. (It's not too late to register.) Not only is this conference inexpensive ($450 for both days, $250 for one, and $150 for students), it boasts an impressive lineup of speakers.

Among the scheduled talks, I see Facebook, Digg, and Ning represented:

There are also a couple of talks by Ed Finkler. He's speaking about his security projects, PHPSecInfo and Inspekt. (I suspect Ed is more well known as the developer of Spaz.)

Not to be outdone, we are going to have a booth (our first booth!), Paul is giving a talk on framework and application benchmarking, Nate is giving a tutorial on CakePHP, and I'm giving the opening keynote. (Scary stuff!)

If you're into Twitter, you can follow me. I plan to update frequently during the conference.

Hope to see you there!