ApacheCon 2004

12 Nov 2004

I'm off to Vegas for this year's ApacheCon. It looks like it will be a really great conference with lots of good talks and good times.

I'm most excited about my Testing PHP with Perl talk with Geoff Young. If we succeed in explaining how cool all of the PHP features we've added to Apache-Test are, I think we'll change how people develop PHP applications. If you're a PHP developer attending ApacheCon, this is the one talk you don't want to miss.

I'll also be giving my PHP Security tutorial, based upon a slightly enhanced PHP Security Workbook. If you can't make it to ApacheCon, you can always sign up for my Securing PHP Code online training class with Zend. It's only $99 - less money than you would lose in Vegas during its three hour duration.

I'll try to have daily conference coverage in my blog. I'm still finishing up my book (PHP Security), so I may not have as much free time as I'd like.