Tweet Only Links

01 Oct 2018

I’m going to try an experiment. Starting today, I’m making a commitment to tweet only links.

Why? I’ve been blogging for more than 15 years, but I blogged far more in the first 5 years than in the 10 years since. While there are many factors, I think joining Twitter drove the decline of my blogging habit more than anything else. Now, if I have something to share, I’ll write a sentence or two on Twitter and be done. Twitter lets me scratch the itch.

If I have something to share going forward, my hope is that this commitment will compel me to blog about it. If I can’t take the time to explore a thought by blogging, I should link to someone else who has. Twitter can still be great for spreading ideas, but it’s not a particularly good home for them.

In order to make this commitment more palatable (to hopefully inspire others to join me), there are a few exceptions:

If you have something to share, don’t give yourself the easy out and temporary relief that comes from a tweet. Let your desire to share lead to a blog post.

I mentioned this idea to Chad this morning, and he committed to tweet only links. I hope you’ll join us, too.