Sponsoring New Adventures

18 Dec 2018

The intro to Good Work starts with a simple statement:

We love the web.

This sentiment is core to the vision of Faculty. It is also a common thread that ties together most of the professional endeavors throughout my career.

My love of the web has led me to do something I’ve never done before. Faculty is sponsoring a conference. Not just any conference, of course. New Adventures.

For a new company, any expense (even a small token of support) is a big decision. Here are a few of the reasons we decided it was a good idea:

There are many conferences I love. (I’m looking at you, Webstock.) It’s possible we’ll sponsor more conferences in the future. For now, we’re incredibly excited to be heading to Nottingham in January.

Grab your ticket, and we’ll see you there.

Until then, happy holidays!