Web Advent 2013

14 Nov 2013

In 2007, overwhelmed with my jealousy of the Perl community's awesome Advent calendar, I decided PHP needed one, too. Of course, this thought didn't occur to me until the very end of November. Nonetheless, thanks to an enthusiastic community and some very generous authors, PHP Advent was born.

Sean not only helped out that first year by turning around an article in no time (becoming the very first author), he has also been helping me ever since. For each of the past six years, we've curated, edited, and published 24 articles for web developers. We're proud of our little contribution to the Web, but thanks to a taxing year (including a pretty ambitious Brooklyn Beta), we've decided there won't be a Web Advent this year.

This might seem like an odd time to take a year off, since we just changed the name last year, but that change was long overdue. Our focus hadn't been PHP for years, because web developers are always learning new things.

We might return in 2014. Until then, keep an eye on these other fantastic Advent calendars:

24 Ways
This is the Advent calendar for web designers.
Perl Advent
This one's all about Perl, of course. It's been going strong since 2000.
Performance Calendar
Learn all about web performance. (Primarily focused on frontend technologies.)
UX is for everyone. Brush up on the topic this December.
Even if you're not a sysadmin, you probably have to act like one sometimes. :-)