PHP Advent Renamed to Web Advent

02 Dec 2012

This is just a quick post to explain why Sean and I decided to rename PHP Advent to Web Advent. If you're a PHP developer, you might suddenly feel left out or think we've moved on.

We're just adjusting the name to be more inclusive and to reflect the reality that PHP Advent isn't primarily about PHP. In fact, from the very beginning, we've asked authors to write about something that would be interesting to all developers, not just PHP developers, so it's never been as exclusive as the name PHP Advent implies.

The topics our authors have written about appeal to a broader audience, so we decided to increase the chances that someone who doesn't identify as a PHP developer can still be part of our small, loyal audience.

We also want to keep it fun, and part of the fun for us is working with new authors and reading about new things.

We hope you continue to enjoy. Thanks for following along.