JavaScript Study Guide

26 Apr 2012

A few months ago, I wrote about learning JavaScript. I'm already pretty comfortable with the language, and although I did break the chain, I'm happy to report that I'm still at it. Never stop learning, right?

In case it's helpful to others, I thought I'd mention a few more resources. I may even keep this list updated. If I don't, you can always browse my full list of JavaScript links.

Eloquent JavaScript
This is the interactive tutorial I mentioned in my original post.
JavaScript: The Good Parts
This is the book I mentioned in my original post. Everyone recommends it.
JavaScript for PHP Developers
Very fortuitously, I was asked to review a new book by Stoyan Stefanov shortly after I began learning JavaScript. I loved it. Stoyan wrote an article for PHP Advent called JavaScript for PHP Developers. Read that, and if you like it, order the book.
PHP Functions in JS
This is a fantastic list of PHP functions implemented in JavaScript. If you want to see how you would do something in JavaScript, this is a good place to start.
JavaScript Patterns
Several people have recommended that I read this book, also by Stoyan Stefanov.
3 Ways to Define a JavaScript Class
After I learned there are no classes in JavaScript, I found this great post by Stoyan explaining the issue in great detail.
Learn JavaScript
This is a great list of JavaScript resources maintained by Mozilla.
JavaScript Garden
A really good collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language. Recommended by Robert Huzzey.
As an unapologetic pedant, I love anything that enforces rigor, especially when I'm in unfmiliar territory. Just as you might rely on the W3C Validator to make sure your HTML is valid, JSLint is a great tool for checking your JavaScript.
Learning Advanced JavaScript
An interactive tutorial from John Resig that's a good step up from the basics.
Crockford on JavaScript
I have not watched these yet, but everyone says Douglas Crockford is a great teacher. This is a nice compilation of videos, transcripts, and photos from his acclaimed series of lectures on the history of JavaScript, its features, and its use.
Introducing Scratchpad
An introduction to Firefox's web developer tool called Scratchpad. The browser is the best place to experiment with JavaScript, especially once you get past learning the basic syntax.
Essential JavaScript Design Patterns For Beginners
This looks like a good list of common JavaScript design patterns, complete with explanations and examples. Probably best used as a reference. I started to read it from start to finish, but that gets boring pretty quickly.
The Complete jQuery Tutorial
This has been recommended to me as a great place to start learning jQuery, the popular JavaScript library.

That's my list. What did I miss?