Election Coverage

07 Nov 2012

More and more people rely on the Internet rather than broadcast television for coverage of events like the election, but it still feels like we're in an awkward transition period. Here are the links for live election coverage that I've managed to find.

Please leave a comment if you have anything to add. Thanks!

NPR Big Board
It's a bit ugly, but I love this bold summary. Would make a great backdrop for a party.
NYT Big Board
A much prettier summary. Would also make a good backdrop.
NYT Live Map
The best map I've found. Much better than Google's.
YouTube Live
Google is offering live video coverage, switching between networks like ABC and Al Jazeera.
Presidential Network Calls
Nice summary of the calls various networks have made. A bit too long to take it all in at once, but a good overview.
It's for New York only, but Aereo are kindly offering 12-hour free trials. Watch regular broadcast TV.
PBS NewsHour
I'm watching this via Aereo. Good coverage. Feels like regular TV.
HuffPost Election Results
Another really great summary that includes an interactive map as well as state breakdowns.
BBC Election Results
The BBC has a nice summary page, including a map and overall score. Also has congressional results.
Andy Tanenbaum's Site
Not the prettiest site, but Andy (a fellow computer science nerd) has some of my favorite commentary.
Nate Silver's Site
Part of the NY Times, Nate's site is much prettier than Andy's and also has great commentary.

People may no longer be glued to TVs, but we're glued to various other devices. This is an exciting night. I hope you're able to tune in.