Brooklyn Beta 2012

27 Mar 2012

Brooklyn Beta is becoming more than a conference.

It's still a conference, too, and although I never did recap last year's conference like I wanted to, I did collect a bunch of posts, photos, and videos on Gimme Bar. Also, Nate Bolt and Captain & the Fox collaborated on a really cool video that captures the spirit of it. I love it. Check it out:

If you were there last year, you might like to know that Joel Rose launched New Classrooms, Tony Fadell launched Nest, and Todd Park was named the new CTO of the United States. Pretty cool stuff.

We've settled on the dates for this year's conference. October 10th, 11th, and 12th. We're planning some other events to take place the same week, so although we're keeping the conference just as small as last year, there are going to be other reasons to be in Brooklyn that week. We've also ordered some good weather, and we're gonna keep our fingers crossed all summer, so it should be a great time to be in Brooklyn. Really hope to see you there.

The big announcement today is something we're calling Summer Camp. It's our attempt to provide some early funding and guidance to designer-developer teams. For all the details, see Tina's blog post or the Summer Camp site. We've answered some frequently asked questions that haven't even been asked yet. Yeah.

This is a pretty big deal for us, and we've got a lot of people to thank. Thanks to MailChimp, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Engine Yard, and Etsy for being so eager to support us. (If you're interested in sponsoring, please get in touch.) Thanks to Eli Rousso, FFFunction, and Nate Abele for helping us with the new site. Last but not least, thanks to our incredible advisors for their support and vote of confidence. And, of course, thanks to everyone who's attended Brooklyn Beta and helped make it something special. We really appreciate it.