Christmas Conundrum

22 Dec 2010

I like puzzles. Several years ago, I made a puzzle of my own. At the time, the PHP community was much smaller, but this particular post got a lot of attention. Zend offered a prize to the first person who could solve it, and for a few days, it managed to stump the entire PHP community. In the end, it was none other than Ben Ramsey who solved it.


Inspired by that original puzzle and my memories of Midnight Madness, I cobbled together a new puzzle last night. Another digital clock? Yes, but knowing how to solve the first one won't help you with this. :-)

I'll post a hint tomorrow, so if you want the satisfaction of solving it without a hint, you've only got a day. Good luck!

Thanks to WonderProxy (a fantastic way to test your GeoIP apps or to see where's it up), there's a $100 gift certificate (Amazon, iTunes, or other Internet-friendly gift certificate of your choice) up for grabs for the first person to solve the puzzle. Thanks, Paul!