Brooklyn Beta

31 Oct 2010

A little more than a week ago, something special happened in Brooklyn. On a beautiful autumn day in the charming neighborhood of Cobble Hill, some of the friendliest and most talented web developers, designers, and entrepreneurs gathered together at the Invisible Dog for Brooklyn Beta, a conference I helped organize and host.

People have been saying the nicest things, so although the past several months have been tough, it has been well worth the effort. Here are some of my favorites:

Brooklyn Beta was astounding.

— Cameron Moll

A truly extraordinary conference

— Jonathan Hoefler

The best conference I have ever been to

— Swiss Miss

Brooklyn Beta is a superb event.

— Elliot Jay Stocks

This is my kind of conference. I loved it.

— Fred Wilson

Brooklyn Beta will surely be a landmark conference for years to come.

— Hyperakt

Best conference ever

— Jessica Hische

If I could only go to one conference next year, it would be Brooklyn Beta.

— Joshua Sortino

Lots of cheering at the end of Brooklyn Beta. I was waiting for cheers of encore. Awesome.

— Jonathan Snook

Totally amazing conference

— David Kaneda

Ridiculously awesome conference

— Sam Brown

Brooklyn Beta kicked all shades of ass.

— Patrick Lauke

Really fantastic conference

— Lisa Denlinger

Two days of intense enjoyment

— Christopher Murphy

This is the beginning of something awesome.

— Nick Sloan

Truly amazing

— Brian Hoff

The most ridiculously awesome conference I've been to

— Sam Brown

Completely blown away by the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Beta

— Josh Brewer

Man, Brooklyn Beta is kicking so much ass.

— Jason Santa Maria

Best. Conference. Ever.

— Tyler Gaw

Fan-fucking-tastic conference.

— Dan Rubin

The abundance of positivity has been overwhelming, and this is what made the conference so special. As we wrote in our wrap up email, many thanks are due to many people, particularly those who shared the day with us:

We can't possibly thank you enough. Seriously. Everyone who came to Brooklyn Beta brought the most positive attitudes and good vibes. The whole experience has been so rewarding, despite the months of sleep deprivation and hard work. We really poured our hearts into this, and without you, it would never have been the amazing experience it was. You're part of this now. Thank you.

Our sponsors also deserve our sincere thanks. We lost more money on the conference than we anticipated, and without the generosity of MailChimp, Hoefler & Frere-Jones, Ning, Fontdeck, WonderProxy, and SiteLeaf, we might be in some trouble. Their support was much more than money, though. Each and every one of our sponsors was at the conference, contributing to the positivity and good vibes.

Lastly, we want to thank our crew. Our friends and colleagues at Analog and Fictive Kin had to work just as hard as we did to make up for our absence, ready our own apps for us to demo, and help out on conference day. Whenever we get credit, that credit is shared with them. The rest of the crew consists of some of our amazing studiomates (Aymie, Burks, Creighton, Jessi, Josh, and Tina, who deserves special thanks for introducing us in the first place) and some dear friends (Ian, Joël, Lisa, Nate, Paul, and Tyler). Thank you so much.

We're already planning to do it again, so mark your calendars for the 12th, 13th, and 14th of October. I can't wait. :-)