CodeWorks Tour

28 Sep 2009

I'm on my way to CodeWorks, a touring conference currently underway that visits a total of seven cities across the US. I'm joining up with the conference in Atlanta to speak at the following stops:

I'll be giving two talks. The first is my current favorite, Security-Centered Design:

Security is more than filtering input and escaping output (FIEO). It's more than cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgeries (CSRF). Security isn't even always black and white. In order to create a more secure user experience, we need to understand how people think. Perception can be as important as reality, and meeting user expectations is a fundamental of good security. In this multifarious talk, I'll introduce some of what I have learned about cognitive psychology, exploring topics such as change blindness and ambient signifiers, and I'll show some real-world examples that demonstrate the profound impact human behavior can have on security.

The other is a new talk about Fun with Maps and PHP:

On a recent road trip around Iceland, my friends (PHP developers Andrei and Helgi) and I decided to make a travel site. We brought our cameras, GPS, and Flips, and we used PHP to:

  • Aggregate our experience in the form of photos (Flickr), tweets (Twitter), and videos (Vimeo).
  • Geotag all of these assets, so we'd remember precisely where we were.
  • Create a map that marks our path each day and plots our photos, tweets, and videos.

We made most of this while taking in scenic views and experiencing all Iceland has to offer, and we learned a lot about geotagging, GPSes, time zones, and maps along the way. This talks shows you how to do the same, but you'll have to buy your own flight.

I hope to see you there!