PHP Advent 2008

01 Dec 2008

Is it December again already? I like good traditions, so with the help of Sean and many others, PHP Advent is back again, this time with its own domain. I would call it a web site, but that might be stretching the truth at the moment. Jon is going to help us out with a simple design in the very near future. The focus, of course, is the quality content from our gracious authors.

Chris Cornutt of kicks things off this year with a post extolling the virtues of the PHP community. We've already got more good authors lined up, so it should be an interesting month.

I just read about a company called Pramana that is trying to market a better solution than CAPTCHA for distinguishing between manual (human) and automated requests. Their solution? Trending, which is something you can read a little bit about in last year's PHP Advent. :-)

You may not necessarily learn something new with every post, but I hope you enjoy PHP Advent this year and learn a few things along the way. Please subscribe to our feed, follow us on Twitter, or just visit the site. Please also take the time to thank the authors who would have otherwise been spending a busy December doing something else.