Upcoming PHP and Open Source Conferences

08 Apr 2007

There are a number of quality PHP and open source conferences each year. Here are a few that are taking place in the next month or two:

16 - 18 May
Chicago, Illinois
18 - 19 May
BraÅŸov, Romania
23 - 27 Jul
Portland, Oregon

php|tek is being held in Chicago this year, and there are some exciting new social events to spice things up. I'll be giving a talk entitled PHP Security by Example, a brief hands-on tour of some of the most dangerous security problems. I'm also giving a talk entitled The Truth about Sessions, a detailed look at PHP sessions.

eLiberatica sounds like a really cool conference, not only because of the excellent lineup of speakers, but also because of the intriguing location. Where else can you learn about open source technologies in the shadow of Dracula's Castle? :-)

OSCON (O'Reilly Open Source Convention) has only recently selected talks, so there isn't much information available on their web site yet. I'll be giving an updated version of my Essential PHP Security tutorial as well as a talk entitled Security 2.0 that covers emerging trends in web application security.