Upcoming Conferences

31 Aug 2007

My schedule for the remainder of 2007 is mostly solidified, and I wanted to take a moment to mention the conferences I'll be attending. (I have been cutting back on conferences this year, but there are always a few that I don't want to miss.)

php|works is being held at the Sheraton Gateway in Atlanta, and I'll be giving two talks, one of which is a keynote entitled PHP 4 Is Dead:

They say PHP 4 is dead. (Who's they?) It must be true, because the funeral date has been set. 08/08/08. How clever.

This keynote isn't PHP 4's eulogy. Instead, it's a humorous look at the trials and tribulations you may or may not encounter as you migrate your steam-powered web infrastructure to something a little less noisy. As an added bonus, you'll learn how to impress a database, speak a foreign language, and manipulate people's minds. One of these is a lie, else this sentence is true.

I hope to make it entertaining. This is my first keynote, so I'm pretty excited.

It looks like Paul is giving a tutorial on YUI, so I guess he managed to avoid teaching the full-day Zend certification tutorial. (Poor Ben.) Maybe he can use the extra few hours to fix his blog. :-)

The Future of Web Apps is a conference being held at ExCel in London. I'll be giving a workshop entitled Essential Web App Security, and it's going to focus heavily on emerging trends, because that best fits in with the conference's theme. I'm looking forward to seeing Matt and Simon again, and I'm also looking forward to meeting Jon (Happy Birthday!) and Jon in person.

ZendCon is being held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport in San Francisco. I'll be speaking about Security 2.0, which is a chance for me to talk about the latest and greatest in web application security. The title is really just a silly play on Web 2.0, but there is some evidence to support the notion that emerging trends in web application development are changing web application security as well. For those of you attending ZendCon, you should also check out the unconference that Patrick is putting together.

By the way, I hear Terry is going to be there.

ApacheCon is being held at the Westin Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta. There are a lot of good speakers on the schedule, and I'm also hoping for a surprise visit by Geoff, since he missed OSCON. (ApacheCon is another multi-disciplinary conference, which is a big part of its appeal.)

I've got all of my trips entered into Dopplr, for those of you who use it. (More on that later.)

I hope to see you soon.