PHP Advent Calendar 2007

25 Dec 2007

Thanks very much to everyone who participated in this year's PHP Advent Calendar. The entire calendar is available at the following URL:

For reference, the complete list of entries is below. (See also Chris Cornutt's list and Sean Coates's calendar.)

  1. Sean Coates

  2. Elizabeth Naramore (Writing Code is Like Doing the Dishes (5 Reasons Why Documenting Your Code Makes You a Better Coder))

  3. Sebastian Bergmann

  4. James McGlinn

  5. Cal Evans (Five Resources Every PHP Developer Should Know About)

  6. Davey Shafik (APIs, UIs, and Other Underused Acronyms)

  7. Elizabeth Smith (SPL to the Rescue)

  8. Matthew Weier O'Phinney (Don't Reinvent the Wheel)

  9. Ivo Jansch (Design Patterns)

  10. Chris Cornutt

  11. Ben Ramsey

  12. Ed Finkler

  13. Terry Chay (Filter Input; Escape Output: Security Principles and Practice)

  14. David Sklar (Timing and Profiling)

  15. Paul Reinheimer (Channels and Output)

  16. Jeff Moore (What We Can Learn about Software Development from a Failing Restaurant)

  17. Ilia Alshanetsky

  18. Christian Wenz (WSDL Despite PHP 5)

  19. Marcus Börger

  20. Adam Trachtenberg (User-Defined Functions in SQLite)

  21. Luke Welling (Following the Big Dogs on Web Application Security)

  22. Derick Rethans

  23. Jay Pipes

  24. Nate Abele

Coordinating this turned out to be a lot of work, but I hope to do it again next year. There are lots of people in the PHP community who have something useful to share, and one reason to continue putting this calendar together each year is to get some original content published in December, a month when many people get busy, and blogs go dormant. With a little bit of prodding, we all hopefully learned a little more than we would have otherwise, and the people who were gracious enough to share something deserve our thanks.

Happy holidays, everyone. See you in 2008.