Paul Jones Joins OmniTI

28 Sep 2007

As you may have heard, Paul Jones is joining us at OmniTI. We're very excited to have him, and you can meet him in person by attending the Columbia PHP Meetup Monday night (please RSVP), where he'll be speaking about framework and application benchmarking:

This talk will begin with an outline of the differences between profiling code blocks and benchmarking a system or subsystem. After a short discussion on the purpose and intent of running benchmarks, we will cover how to set up a benchmarking system, including the ab tool and the experimental controls needed when doing comparative benchmarks.

Finally, we will cover some real-life examples of comparative benchmarks between some major frameworks, and describe what the results indicate (and just as importantly what they do not indicate).

Sadly, I'll miss his talk, because I'll be in London for the Future of Web Apps conference, but I'm sure it will be a fun evening.

Welcome to the team, Paul!