ZF Tutorial Update

14 Mar 2006

I just updated my Zend Framework Tutorial. It now works with version 0.1.2 of the framework. I also fixed a few minor bugs and improved my explanation of several topics, particularly the front controller.

This tutorial barely scratches the surface, so be sure to check out the other resources already available:

I'm sure there are other resources I've missed (some I just can't find at the moment), so please let me know if you've written some notes of your own, and I'll update this entry.

The mailing list has been very active, and many bugs have been discovered and corrected as a result of developer feedback. Mike has some good commit messages, such as "speling eror" and "tix fypo," but my favorite commit is this:

  1. +++ trunk/NEWS.txt 2006-03-12 21:21:36 UTC (rev 599)
  2. @@ -8,7 +8,10 @@
  3.    to 4.0. Reported by Greg Neustaetter (Mike)
  4.  - Fixed bug in Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token::setParams(). Reported by Rob
  5.    Allen. (Chris)
  6. +- Fixed bug in Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token::setParams().

Within 15 minutes of a bug being reported on the list, it has been fixed twice. If Mike broke his lines at 80 characters, even our explanations in NEWS.txt would have been identical. :-)