Web Builder 2.0 Recap

10 Dec 2006

Web Builder 2.0 turned out to be a good conference. I must admit to being a bit tepid about this particular conference, because the "2.0" in the name made me think of vacuous marketing talks, but the webmaster track had some solid technical content, including talks by Ask and Cal. (Cal was the track chair.)

To the conference's credit, none of the 17 talks with Ajax in the title spelled it AJAX. Of course, I guess that would be like having a talk about PERL at YAPC. :-)

I spent the first day of the conference working, so I'm sure I missed some good talks. I spoke on the second day, after which I managed to catch Chris Lea of Media Temple speaking about the challenges of large scale hosting, which was interesting and informative.

My speaking style has been changing lately - I've been using mostly images and code examples in my slides. In fact, very few slides have any bullets at all, and I might try to adopt the habit of never using bullets again. It makes the slides less useful out of context, but I think it makes the talks themselves much better.

With a full room of people, only four people had ever heard about CSRF, and I think many walked out with work to do.

The slides are available here:


Note: These slides will be linked from the OmniTI talks archive soon.