The Best City in America for PHP Developers

02 Oct 2006

The Zend Developer Zone recently analyzed the best places to live in America and how the salaries compare for PHP developers. If you were to use this analysis as a metric to decide where to work, apparently you should choose Columbia, MD. Although I don't think that's a good way to make such a decision, I agree with the result.

Why? Well, Columbia happens to be where OmniTI is based. If you're an excellent PHP developer, "these are the days." The PHP job market is red hot, and there are lots of innovative companies looking for talented people. We're one of them.

Why should you choose OmniTI? I think OmniTI is a great place to work, especially for PHP developers. We've got a great learning environment that includes weekly developer meetings. (And, our people are frequent speakers at industry conferences, so the technical presentations can be quite good.) We're smart, friendly people who write popular books and develop open source software. Our client list is beginning to look like a who's who of Web 2.0, which means we get to work on some pretty interesting and challenging projects.

Sound interesting? I hope so. We've got a jobs page that lists the details of our open positions (and contact information), but if you're passionate about PHP, there's probably a place for you here at OmniTI. And, let's face it, if you're reading my blog (which happens to be mostly about PHP and web application security), you're probably interested in the right stuff. :-)