Pro PHP Podcast

18 Jan 2006

You've probably heard the good news about the Pro PHP Podcast. The guys behind the show (Marcus Whitney and Chris Cornutt) are joining forces with php|architect in what should be a good thing for all of us.

A few months ago, Marcus and I tried to record a second episode of Ask Chris on multiple occasions, but technical difficulties prevented us from getting the job done. Marcus seemed discouraged by all of the trouble he was having with the various software involved, and the podcast was losing steam.

So, I was very happy to hear about the partnership with php|architect, because I know this will let Marcus focus on the show. There are also regular newscasts planned, and Chris is asking, What do you want out of your news?

The first show under the new partnership is an interview with Andi Gutmans scheduled for 27 Jan 2006. If you want to participate in the live broadcast, sign up here.