PHP News Catchup

24 Apr 2006

Because I've been busy with work and travel in the last few weeks, there's a lot I haven't had the time to blog about. So, I decided to try to summarize the important stuff I've missed in one rushed, disorganized post. (Maybe you missed some stuff, too.) Please feel free to add to this quick summary, and be sure to keep up with for more thorough PHP news coverage.

I dropped by the April meeting of the Nashville PHP User Group. It is a very cool group of people who meet at a local cafe and chat about PHP and related technologies. I had a few pints of Murphy's Stout, so I can't imagine a better meeting. Paul Jones drove up from Memphis, and it was nice to meet him in person.

The Zend Framework Preview 0.1.3 was released (release notes). Along with the new release comes a new look for the web site, compliments of Varien. Maybe Zend can provide a clean copy of the new logo for people to use. :-)

I heard from Peter MacIntyre that the second edition of Programming PHP has been published. (Wez and I made small contributions to this edition.)

Zak announced PHP Vikinger, an "unconference for PHP enthusiasts held in Skien, Norway from June 24 to 25." That's the weekend before ApacheCon EU in Dublin, so perhaps a cheap Ryanair flight will make it fit into your travel plans. It should be an awesome unconference.

Speaking of ApacheCon EU, I'll be there! I really love Dublin, and ApacheCon always brings together smart and friendly people, so this should be a great conference. I'll be speaking about Agile PHP Testing, Essential PHP Security, and The Truth about XSS. You can also see talks from Rasmus, Andrei, Christian, Laura, and Theo on a variety of topics. Did I mention it was in Dublin?

The MySQL Users Conference begins this week. George, Wez, Zak, Andi, Rasmus, Michael (Schmichael), and Laura are there, so keep an eye on their blogs.

I'll be at LinuxWorld and php|tek this week, and I'll try to summarize those conferences in my blog.

Thanks for reading!