OSCON 2006

28 Mar 2006

The talks for OSCON 2006 have been selected. For the first time in OSCON's history, there is going to be a PHP testing tutorial. :-) Geoff and I will give it, and it will cover Apache-Test (and test-more.php), Simple-Test, PHPUnit, and phpt.

I'll also be giving a tutorial on PHP security (which seems to be getting more popular every year), and I hope to have a second version of the PHP Security Guide ready in time. Andrew is giving a tutorial on web application security and the OWASP Guide. We plan to make these fit together nicely.

The talks I'm giving are PHP Security Testing and The Truth about XSS. Both are brand new talks and will cover the latest and greatest techniques. They should be a lot of fun.

Adam is going to be speaking about the SOAP extension in PHP 5. Terry is going to be talking about Ajax design patterns as well as giving a case study about Plaxo eCards.

The official announcement, full schedule, and registration should be available soon. OSCON is always a blast, and I hope to see you there.