OmniTI Acquires Brain Bulb

16 May 2006

I'm very excited to announce that OmniTI has acquired Brain Bulb, which basically means that I'm now a principal of OmniTI and get to work with some of the smartest and friendliest people around, such as George, Theo, Wez, Laura, and Amy.

While traveling recently, I read an article entitled "The Best Company to Work for in the World - Period." I saved this article and was showing it to Wez last week. His first reaction was, "Oh, is that an article about OmniTI?" After only a few short weeks, I already share this sentiment. The combination of working with super smart people and getting to work on super cool and important stuff is a lot of fun. Want to join in on the fun? We're hiring PHP and Perl developers. (Knowing MySQL and PostgreSQL is also a big plus.)

George blogged a few more details about what I'll be doing here, and you can read the official press release for more. Just be advised that I've never used the word synergistic. :-)