Luke Welling to Speak at Waterfall 2006

10 Feb 2006

For those who missed the news, Luke Welling (of PHP's "Luke and Laura") has started blogging. It was via his blog that I learned of Waterfall 2006, sure to be one of the best conferences this year. Talks include gems such as:

Of course, PHP developers will be particularly interested in Luke's talk:

From the abstract:

Naturally, the first phase is requirement gathering. Fortunately, there is only one requirement - a catchy domain name.

There's also a tip of the hat to Mark Fletcher (who can build anything in three months):

The only thing set in stone about the implementation phase is that it must take three months.

This is all taking place on 01 Apr 2006 at Niagara Falls. Be sure to register now, because this conference is sure to sell out in record time!