Agile PHP Testing at PHP Quebec

21 Mar 2006

Next week, I'll be speaking at PHP Quebec in Montreal about testing PHP applications. Agile PHP Testing is a new talk that focuses on really simple approaches to testing, and I hope to demonstrate how creating a test suite is close to what you're probably already doing anyway.

Most PHP testing frameworks don't seem to follow the "PHP way" of solving problems as simply and directly as possible. Isn't there a better way? I think so. You won't learn a lot of testing theory in this talk - there's no time for that. Instead, I show you how to get right down to business and test your PHP applications with a simple PHP testing library and some straightforward testing practices.

PHP Quebec has a grassroots feel to it, and I had a blast last year. Toby's photos can give you a feel for the conference.

I hope to see you there.