The [phpsec-news] Mailing List Launches

23 Mar 2005

For those who don't visit the site frequently enough to notice, there is now a [phpsec-news] mailing list. The announcement explains its purpose:

On 01 Apr 2005, the PHP Security Consortium will begin to offer a monthly newsletter. All PHP developers concerned with security and the affairs of the PHP Security Consortium are encouraged to subscribe to the [phpsec-news] mailing list. This is a very low volume, moderated list.

The monthly newsletter will include such things as new additions to the library, new articles, project updates, and related news.

Because several people have requested it, we will soon be offering feeds as well, and newsletters will most likely be made available on the web site.

If you have news that you think is of interest to security-conscious PHP developers, please don't hesitate to contact us.