PHP in Cancun

13 May 2005

I've been in Cancun since Wednesday for php|tropics. The resort is very nice. In fact, while Wez and I were standing at the counter to check in, I remarked that this place seems too nice for a PHP conference. As soon as those words left my mouth, a well-dressed man approached and handed us each a glass of champagne. We laughed, gave a toast, and tossed them back.

I gave a BYOL (bring your own laptop) double session on PHP security, and it went very well. This was a new talk, so I was a bit concerned about the timing, especially since there was so much hands-on activity. The timing worked out just fine, and the feedback has been superb. I hope to refine this talk a bit more and add it to my collection of favorite talks. I'll likely incorporate some of this new material in the PHP security training class I teach as part of Brain Bulb's PHP training services.

I'm currently sitting in Jason Sweat's talk on test-driven development. It's mostly about Simple Test, and while I prefer Apache-Test, there is currently an effort to make Simple Test's output TAP compliant. This will allow developers to leverage the power of the Apache-Test framework and still use the Simple Test objects for writing their unit tests. Of course, those who don't want to use objects can still use the test-more.php library bundled with Apache-Test for writing procedural tests.