ApacheCon Europe, Here I Come

26 Mar 2005

Like Christian, I got an email this morning about ApacheCon:

The following sessions have been selected and scheduled:

(1179) 'Testing PHP with Perl'
(1180) 'PHP Security'
(1181) 'PHP Security Briefing'

PHP Security is a 180 minute tutorial that I'll be giving. Although I've given a tutorial of the same name and length for past OSCONs and ApacheCons, all of the talks I'm giving this year are going to be completely new talks, this one included. I also plan to retire my use of pres2 in favor of Keynote.

Testing PHP with Perl is the talk I'm most excited about. Although Adam and I helped select the PHP talks, I didn't rank my own, and I was worried that this talk wouldn't make the cut (testing is not yet a popular topic within the PHP community). I'm sorry to say that Geoff won't be making the trip to Germany with me, but the talk will surely benefit from his guidance. With any luck, I'll also be able to discuss using Apache-Test and SimpleTest together.

PHP Security Briefing is a 60 minute talk that will cover some of the same topics as Mastering PHP Security.

I've never been to Germany, so I'm looking forward to the trip. I also look forward to finally meeting some people in person (such as Ivan and Georg), meeting new people, and hanging out with old friends.

I hope to see you there.