Ammar Ibrahim in Linux Journal

18 Aug 2005

I just read an interesting article in Linux Journal about Ammar Ibrahim. It's nice to see the personal side of someone from the PHP community. (I think this approach is what is making the Pro PHP Podcast so popular.)

I've known Ammar for several months now, and he does much more interesting and useful things with PHP (and open source software) than the average developer. He's also a great guy, a fact that doesn't escape the author:

I do not believe one interview can give anyone more than a slight glimpse into the character of a person. Ammar Ibrahim represents the best of humanity. At 23, he seems to have more than a life-time of experience and wisdom to share. He also represents a hope for the future. I easily can imagine him functioning as an emissary or poster boy for a world that works for everyone. I'm grateful that he calls me friend. I consider my life a richer place because he knows how to build bridges and write software.

Isn't the PHP community great? :-)