Foxylicious - Firefox Finally Groks

24 Oct 2004

Someone finally wrote a good Firefox extension for It's called Foxylicious. What makes it good? It does exactly what I described in my previous comments about

Now, if only there were browser plugins for Firefox and Safari that integrated into the standard bookmark mechanism (with some intelligent caching to minimize traffic).

This extension adds my bookmarks to my standard bookmarks menu in Firefox, organizes them by tags (alphabetizing these would be a nice improvement), and lets me choose when to update them (so that it's not an abusive client). Other extensions just never seemed to grok it, as I mentioned before:

I've looked at this Firefox extension, but I fail to see what it offers that I don't already have. Giving me the ability to post is great and all, but this bookmarklet already does that (I use the popup version).

Well done, Dietrich. Foxylicious is exactly what I needed.