Tuesday at ApacheCon

19 Nov 2003

Today was as busy as yesterday, and I've realized that it's impossible to give an accurate account of a day at ApacheCon. This is especially true when I try to remember everything that happened late at night or sometime the following day.

I spent much of the day hacking and was able to meet and hang out with more people - Geoff, Stas, Theo, John, Adam, and Casey are the people whose faces (and names) come to mind. Nat was speaking opposite Rasmus at some PHP versus Perl (versus Java, but who cares about Java?) talk at Comdex. Casey and I took the shuttle over there to listen in, but we discovered that it would cost $1600.00 to watch the talk. That idea was quickly canned.

I went to dinner with Sams. Others in the party were Geoff, Stas, John, Rich, Greg, Shelley (an editor at Sams - the host), and a few other people. After dinner, we all headed to a bar to hang out but got separated in the process. Several of us walked over to the Luxor, and Geoff and I watched a haunted house movie on IMAX, which was very cool (it was in 3D).

Tomorrow is my talk (already available here, with all examples disabled, because they demonstrate security vulnerabilities), so I plan to go over my slides, and possibly do some last minute tweaking, before I get some sleep.