On Being Quoted

24 Nov 2003

I don't think I've ever been quoted before. While at ApacheCon, I went to see if there were any free Cokes left from lunch for Casey and I, and my quest was briefly interrupted by someone from Linux Today who wanted to ask me a question. I agreed, thinking she was going to ask some insightful question about Apache, open source, or something relevant. Nope, she asked me about SCO. How boring.

I basically expressed my lack of interest and indicated that the news from Slashdot was about all that I knew of SCO's actions. What ended up in the article was quite a bit different. The statements attributed to me aren't necessarily things that I disagree with (although I have no idea what four things in Linux I could possibly be talking about), but it is weird having quotes made up and attributed to me. I know a lot of open source developers are quoted pretty often. Is this pretty much the way it goes?

I wonder if Tim really said the things attributed to him in a similar article by the same writer.

I never did find any Cokes. Sorry, Casey. :-)