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ZF Tutorial Update

I just updated my Zend Framework Tutorial. It now works with version 0.1.2 of the framework. I also fixed a few minor bugs and improved my explanation of several topics, particularly the front controller.

This tutorial barely scratches the surface, so be sure to check out the other resources already available:

I'm sure there are other resources I've missed (some I just can't find at the moment), so please let me know if you've written some notes of your own, and I'll update this entry.

The mailing list has been very active, and many bugs have been discovered and corrected as a result of developer feedback. Mike has some good commit messages, such as "speling eror" and "tix fypo," but my favorite commit is this:

--- trunk/NEWS.txt	2006-03-12 21:12:50 UTC (rev 598)
+++ trunk/NEWS.txt	2006-03-12 21:21:36 UTC (rev 599)
@@ -8,7 +8,10 @@
   to 4.0. Reported by Greg Neustaetter (Mike)
 - Fixed bug in Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token::setParams(). Reported by Rob
   Allen. (Chris)
+- Fixed bug in Zend_Controller_Dispatcher_Token::setParams().
+  Reported by Rob Allen. (Mike)

Within 15 minutes of a bug being reported on the list, it has been fixed twice. If Mike broke his lines at 80 characters, even our explanations in NEWS.txt would have been identical. :-)

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1.Mike Naberezny said:

That's funny! Sorry about that, I borked it during a larger commit. You should get credit for that one. :)

What's perhaps funnier is that we both replied to Rob on the list within minutes also.


Like this one, most bugs on the list have been fixed in the SVN within minutes of being posted.

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 at 17:55:52 GMT Link

2.Chris Shiflett said:

I'm not concerned with credit - I just thought it was funny. :-)

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 at 18:01:21 GMT Link

3.Mike Naberezny said:

Yes, very. Anyway, I just fixed it. Thanks for the speedy bugfixes!

Tue, 14 Mar 2006 at 18:16:20 GMT Link

4.Allan Vernon said:

Dear Chris,

I have written a CRUD and Ajax demo for the Zend Framework after you got me going with your tutorial. Thankyou!

The demo can be reached at http://www.vernona.com/

I am sure that with a little cleaning up it would be excellent for beginners like myself.

Please feel free to clean up the code and use it if you wish.

It was so easy to develop the CRUD in ZF ;but, I had difficulty with the ZF form commands so left them out in the finish.

The http://nexcess.net hosting server is excellent for the ZF framework.

Allan Vernon (avernon@exemail.com.au)

Sat, 01 Apr 2006 at 00:34:23 GMT Link

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