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Hi Chris,

I love your blog. It's my first comment though.

Anyway I agree in 50% of you post, yet the "ignore haters" thing is not a good advice...

Haters are, by definition, people that 'love to hate'. So, normally they're ignored because they hate... because they do what they 'love' to do, just because it's not their way of doing it.

... I've learned a lot from haters... Questioned their judgment by listening what they were saying. Ex:

Hater - "Oh, your code sucks man! Those 'switches' and 'iterators' are so old-school"...

Me - "Yeah?! How would you do it then?"

Hater thinks and says - "Well, I could... (*start thinking and realizes that his way would be worst, and says *)... On a second thought, you can do thaaat way."

In this cases I got sooo proud of myself. But yet, other haters teached me some good optimizing stuff.... That's a way too general idea to 'ignore' them... You can *filter* what they say :) That'd be my advice :)

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Mon, 17 Oct 2011 at 15:08:14 GMT


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