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Hi Chris -

Thanks for the kind words. Out of all the competitors mentioned, I'd really encourage you to seriously consider EasyDNS. They have been around forever and I've got the utmost respect for them as a competitor and as colleagues.

You mentioned that registrars can make domain transfers a real hassle. Last year we launched a service called "Transfer Valet" where we take care of all of the details of your domain transfers - as many domains as you want from as many registrars as you want, and consolidate them in your Hover account at no additional charge (registration fees are still payable, but we do all the administrative work gratis). Its been a really popular service with our customers because it completely eliminates 100% of the hassle associated with doing domain transfers - whether it be 1 domain, or consolidating a large portfolio.

We'd love to win your business, so if I can answer any other questions, please let me know. If you do decide to go with us, please give me a heads up so that we can create a special pricing profile for you - with that many domains, you'd definitely qualify for some pretty substantial discounts.

Thanks again for your feedback and post.



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Thu, 14 Jul 2011 at 02:31:03 GMT


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