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(forgive the lack of hyperlinks in my post.. didn't refer to the style guide first)

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Tue, 07 Feb 2012 at 22:05:10 GMT


Chris.. I started following you (in general and later on Twitter) because I saw you posting intelligent responses to PHP General. I spent a good bit of my earlier PHP days answering questions on there as well. I found that I learned from solving problems and other people had problems I didn't have so it made for a good exercise.

In addition (and a few +1s) to what's mentioned above:

Firebug for Firefox ( ). Chrome's developer tools are ok, but I still prefer Firebug. Also there's FirePHP ( ) if you want to keep all your debugging nicely hidden and and in one debug console.

JSLint or JSBeautifier ( ) - Especially helpful for making ugly single line JSON data readable.

And after you learn how to do things the hard way, definitely check out one of the many amazing JS libraries like jQuery ( ) (my preference). Tons of great plugins/extensions for it and they basically attempt to fix (and make cross-browser friendly) whatever's messed up in Javascript but also they leave alone anything that doesn't need fixing. I'd do severe bodily harm to myself if I had to work in pure JS without something like jQuery to help. I like to learn to do things the hard way then earn the right to do things the easy way. But no sense raising your blood pressure doing things the hard way forever.

Prototype ( ) and I guess Mootools ( ) are also popular JS libraries.

Lastly.. because I love "if you know how to do it in one language, here's how you do it in another" methods of learning... php.js ( ).

Posted in Learning JavaScript.

Tue, 07 Feb 2012 at 22:03:24 GMT


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