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I usually use this function (I found this functions somewhere on the internet years ago, credits go to the original author):

 * sort a multi demensional array on a column
 * @param array $array array with hash array
 * @param mixed $column key that you want to sort on
 * @param enum $order asc or desc
function array_qsort2 (&$array, $column=0, $order="ASC") {
    $oper = ($order == "ASC")?">":"<";
    if(!is_array($array)) return;
    usort($array, create_function('$a,$b',"return (\$a['$column'] $oper \$b['$column']);")); 

You can use it like this:

array_qsort2($users, "username", "ASC");

Posted in Sorting Multi-Dimensional Arrays in PHP.

Fri, 01 Jul 2011 at 15:06:25 GMT


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